Why The Long Paws….


Firstly let me apologise for the long absence from blogging… all of 29 days. It does feel like forever though and I can honestly say I have really missed it. Although I only started blogging less than a year ago, it has opened my eyes to a fantastic world of information, wit, superb writers, superb photographers, some not so great, some bull shitters, some loud mouths, some brown nosers too but more importantly a great community that I love being apart of.


The last month has been pretty hectic for us as a family, we’ve had two birthdays, Mrs F’s and of course D’s 1st birthday. We’ve also been busy looking to cross off as much of our summer bucket list as possible in the remaining weeks prior to Mrs F returning to work and D starting nursery. We’ve been camping at the Just So Festival. We’ve had visits to LegoLand and The Ice Cream Farm in Cheshire. We’ve also been continuing to turn our house into a home by decorating D’s bedroom and completing our garden with the introduction of a trampoline. Finally H has now completed his first week at School so it really has been a mammoth buy azithromycin 250mg month for us with lots of smiles, some tears (mainly happy ones) and the making of so many memories. I plan to blog about all of this in the coming months.

For those that don’t know, in my spare time I also have part ownership in a Photo Booth business with my father in law, (as well as holding down a full time job as a traveling Business Development Manager) and the past month has also been about creating a brand new website for our Photo Booth business (QuickPixUK).


Blogging isn’t easy, I know that, and I well and truly support those which commit their heart and soul into it, it has the power to consume you. This month though, it had to take a back seat whilst I spent some real quality time with my family as well as managing my work priorities, which thankfully there is more light at the end of the tunnel now and time is being freed up gradually to allow me to get back into what I have grown to love so much, blogging.

Its great to be back

Jim x