“What’s in a Name?” Choosing our babies names

No I’m not about to start singing ‘Hakuna Matata’ for those familiar with the lyrics to the Lion King song… Just me? Right well I’ll move on then…


When deciding what to call our children we found ourselves in an incredibly protective position. I’m not sure about yourselves but when we found out we were expecting we embarked on name choosing in rapid fashion. I remember Mrs F and I banging names out for fun, each was was met by the other with a firm “No”.  We don’t have deep routed backgrounds, OK I am part Welsh but my spelling isn’t the best and Mrs F is not the best at pronouncing them so it ruled any of those out. So our method of choosing names for both our children didn’t have any direction.


We bought a babies names book to help, searched on the internet, looked at the top 100 names for, what felt like, the past two decades and finally you manage to get a few acceptable names which you both “kinda” agree on. I say kinda as if I’m being honest, I really disliked some of the names Mrs F chose but in order for her not to play the “you hate mine so I’ll hate your choices” I just agreed to like some of them in order to get mine in the running (Sorry sweetie ;-)).


Time passes and we decided in order to help fund our decision making process (and because we are both massively inpatient and like to know) we asked for the sex of our babies to be confirmed at our 20 week scans. Why is it, that BOTH times, you find you have more favourable names of the opposite sex than the one your having? Anyway, least we could delete one list from the notes sections of our phones and start focusing on really narrowing down the search…

Babies Names 2

As the pregnancy progresses, everyone, from family to friends to workmates (not the same thing by the way) to people in the street, all want an idea of what you are planning on calling your baby once they are born… It can go two ways here.

  1. You tell them your preferred name and they instantly feel its acceptable to give you a full on honest opinion of your choice, which you can guarantee will be negative
  2. You act like some buying ciprofloxacin kind of secret SAS agent and refuse to give any clues away saying that you haven’t really thought about specific names as yet.

We went for the latter every time, as even though us Brits are renowned for our politeness, in this case we knew 9 times out of 10 someone would give you a bad reaction to your choice and we’d start over analysing it and end up back to the drawing board. People also love to give you what THEY think you should call your child, whats that about?!? No I don’t like Noreen, Vincent, Colin or Sue (no offence to those called this, I’m sure your parents had their reasons).


Then, as if by magic, several of your family or friends become pregnant (well it isn’t exactly magic – we know how it happens but you get my point)! This is where you start questioning your original game plan of keeping it a secret….If we keep it a secret, will “X” pick the same name and then we will really be in trouble at the last minute trying to pick a new name as, lets face it, in the hidden “naming rule book” rule number 1 states:

Under no circumstances is it acceptable to name your child the same as a family or friend’s newborn when born in close proximity.

If your wondering what we did, we pulled out our hidden plan B gameplay. This involves telling some people your 2nd, or 3rd choice names rather than the one you have decided upon. That way it hopefully scares them off choosing those names as per Rule no.1 above and, if by some injustice, those also pregnant aren’t familiar with the hidden rules.. or are just plain evil and choose your first choice name and publicise it before their child’s born, you still have your second and third choice in the name locker come labour day.

Babies Names 1

Thankfully nobody did choose H or D’s names that we directly knew, although I still felt like throttling our first midwife when she told us just after we named H that she had 3 other mum’s under her care which had also picked that name… THANKS!!


Did you have any tactics when choosing names for your children? Are there any hidden naming rules you can think of? feel free to pop them in the comments below….