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What’s in my Pockets?

Whats in my pockets

Its not often you’ll catch a ‘crotch shot’ on my blog as I do consider it to be family friendly however if, like me, you are a fan of fellow Dad bloggers such as the incredibly talented writer that is John (DadBlogUK) or the honestly funny Dave (The DADventurer) then you may have noticed that themselves and several other Dad bloggers have recently taken part in the Phenomenon that is What’s in my Pockets (or Bag)?

The premise of this is a little complicated so bare with me whilst I explain… it’s basically What’s in my pockets, where a parent will showcase all the bits and pieces which can be found rummaging in their pockets on a daily basis or if they carry a bag, whats in there too. So far some of the highlights have been a Van Gogh Clanger (Diary of a Dad), a lovely pink/black haired troll (Love All Dads), a bottle of wine (Man vs Pink) claimed to have been just bought but my own experience buy zithromax no rx says every dad could benefit from carrying one of these around 😉

If you want to see what a modern day “lucky lucky” man looks like, I’d check out Dave (The DADventurer) and finally to see how to look cool and carry a bottle opener at the same time, its John (DadBlogUK).


In terms of me, I like to travel light and rarely (much to Mrs F’s annoyance) wear a coat as I still haven’t purchased one since last winter as well as being able to benefit myself from some built in central heating 😉 Anyways, check out my video below to find out whats in my Pockets as well as the other originals underneath.

If you’re inspired to get it all out (or so to speak) then why not create your own video and let me (and I’m sure the Dads below) know so we can have a gander…


Until next time

Jim x



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