We’re Konfidence Swimologist Ambassadors!

As a family there is nothing more we enjoy than being by the water, be it overseas by a pool, on the beach with obligatory splashes in the sea, in the UK enjoying a water park visit at our favourite caravan parks during a short break or a family trip to the local leisure centre swimming pool. Due to our love of water though, its massively important to us that both children learn to swimming at a young age as well as understand safety measures and protection around the water. Konfidence, a brand which incidentally is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, also shares the same values as us, particularly in ensuring protection and safety around water and therefore we were super excited when they got in touch and as us to be a part of their renowned ambassador scheme, the Konfidence Swimologist Ambassadors!


Both children have been enrolled for swimming lessons at an early age, D more recently just over 6 months ago and H has been swimming for just shy of 2 years now so both are well underway in their Safety Swimmers journey. With both children having completely different personalities, H is a much more cautious individual and remembering back to when he was little, he went through a period where he absolutely hated the water, screaming the house down every time he had his hair washed in the bath. Through swimming lessons, his confidence in water has grown in bucket loads (excuse the pun) so much so he’s a confident, if lazy, swimmer now.

D on the other hand is the much more daring child of the two, especially with seeing H’s confidence (despite it being grown over time) as well as watching his regular lessons, she has been incredibly keen to start learning to swim as soon as possible. Its her dare devil, careless attitude which is why its equally important she undertakes lessons, and learns the rules around water to ensure she doesn’t try and swim before she can float.

SwimologyHaving both children being able to understand the basics of swimming safety means when we are fortunate to be able to holiday, be it in the UK or abroad, we can relax a little more and enjoy a little more, times spent around water, rather than just being a carrier of said child at every opportunity. That said, no child is ever 100% safe in water and Konfidence recognises this in recognising the need to ensure our children are protected both in the water and out of it too.

Konfidence produce a range of award winning swimming aids perfect for every youngster at every stage. As well as this, as an added benefit, all of their aids, be it their popular Swim Jackets or their  warmer wet suits, all carry the benefit of 100% UV protection.

Konfidence Swimologist

We are all so excited to be one of their lucky Swimologists not only because we are lucky to be part of a great bunch of bloggers (and be repping it for the Dad Bloggers too) but because we can’t wait to put this British founded company to the test, although to be quite honest, we’ve been envious from afar for a while now and with many people we know and trust already happy to recommend them, we expect we’ll be reporting nothing but fantastic things when we report back throughout the year and we have some exciting things happening for sure.


Have you used Konfidence products before? Are you planning any trips to the seaside this year and like us, enjoy all things water? If so let us know in the comments below.


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NB: We are working together with Konfidence this year as part of their Swimologist ambassador programme. This post is in collaboration with them however all opinions expressed are our own.