Weekenders | Not a Lurgy let down

So this weekend has been interesting….. It was Mrs F and I 5th wedding anniversary in the week however due to a last minute booking with my work role, I was away for two nights in Kettering and therefore missed it so was looking forward to spending some time together during the weekend.

Thursday night upon my return I was met with 2 excited family members, H & Mrs F, however D, despite wanting a cuddle, decided to be sick all over me and then continued being sick until Saturday night. She literally could not keep anything down and spent 2 days on the settee, in and out of sleep as well as being sick. She also spent the night times with us as she strangely doesn’t cry when she’s sick so we didn’t want to leave her alone in her room. This obviously meant 3 nights of terrible sleep and changing of sheets, towelling and whatever at silly o’clock several times during the night.

All during the best weekend, weather wise, of the year so far!!

H was a superstar throughout as I’m sure its not easy for a 5 year old being house bound, having no sister to play with and not really having much of the attention as his parents are constantly running around washing clothes, cleaning carpets and feeling lacklustre themselves.

Given the way she was and the fact it was running past its second full day, Saturday afternoon we did ring 111 for some advice which resulted in a precautionary trip to the walk in centre. Thankfully, either due to the warm weather or just pure luck, the place was empty and therefore was no wait at all. D was checked www.genericpropeciabuyonline.com/proscar.html over and diagnosed with Gastroenteritis. As children do though, she seemed to pick up the moment we got to the walk in centre and was swiftly sent on our way.

The fact we’d hardly seen outdoors during the weekend thus far and that there was nothing  seriously wrong with D, we did decide that we should at least spend the evening outdoors given the weather and enjoyed one of H’s fave’s, a picnic tea, as well as our first attempt at chocolate digestive s’mores… absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Even D, who hadn’t touched a morsel all weekend, enjoys a couple of bites, both Mrs F and I were thankful she had at least eaten something however would be lying if we wasn’t slightly concerned of the prospect of her bringing these back up if she was sick again…

Thankfully D wasn’t sick during Saturday night and Sunday was largely spent in the garden, continuing our spring garden clean up , finishing the fencing, painting the play house as well as enjoying some new summer toys for the children, a Little Tikes Giant Slide and Water Table which went down well with the little ones.

D, now picking up, had ventured outside several times and by the time the day was into its afternoon she was soon showing signs of her usual self by bossing her equally happy brother around, normality had resumed 🙂

The weekend was finished with an impromptu BBQ and a couple of drinks…

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and look forward to a shorter week this week, I’m on annual leave from Thursday so an even shorter week 🙂


Until next time

Jim x