Weekenders | Fixing the Garden

I tend not to be very present on social media during Saturdays and Sunday’s, this is very much a conscious decision on my behalf as being so busy in the week and working full time, its easy to continue to have my face in my phone however I really do appreciate the time we get as a family and therefore slow down the pace that I check Twitter and Instagram and embrace family life. I still want to be able to enjoy the weekends however also want to share them as well so I’m going to start posting short weekend round up posts just so you know I’m not in a gutter somewhere circa 2000s after one too many Sambuca’s.

This weekend was a mix of rain and glorious sunshine and it began with a bit of garden DIY and extending our fencing, with the help of my well skilled father in law of course. Our neighbours have two very large dogs and although since they moved in a year ago haven’t been any trouble, recently they have started climbing up the fence (with the aid of raised flower beds) to the extent they are nearly over ours which has obviously frightened H and D when playing outside. Having spoken with our neighbour we had agreed the best thing to do was to raise the fence an extra foot or so. It means the dogs can continue to explore outdoors and likewise the children can play online zithromax buy worry free as well as the fence not being too over imposing for all.

Having rained on and off for the best part of the morning, we didn’t get too much started on Saturday, as well as having to play second fiddle to H’s social life and his two party invites so was finished by midday. We currently also have one family car (due to Mrs F’s breaking a few weeks back) so with a little bit of careful planning we were able to attend both (with a slight overlap). Saturday evening was spent with a glass (or two) of Prosecco and a film, a thriller called “Don’t Breathe” which was actually quite good.

Sunday’s weather was planned to be much better so we decided to enjoy a day around the house and continue with the fencing. Mrs F had a few bits of running around to do and the children also enjoyed playing various games, H set up a sweet shop whilst D enjoyed helping us boys in the garden.

Having completed two thirds of the fence, some pressure washing and some chores inside the house, we all decided to down tools and end the weekend by going for a walk in the lovely spring sunshine which conveniently resulted in a stop off at the pub for a beer and a burger. 🙂

A very productive and fun weekend for all.

Until next time

Jim x