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Weaning Update: Part 3

I thought it was about time I let you all know how Weaning / Baby Led Weaning seems to be coming along in the ODOB house since the last update.

Finger food wise D is doing well, we bought her some skinless sausages to try the other day and one seemed to disappear within seconds, we can’t be 100% sure she ate it as one minute it was there the next it was gone but she certainly didn’t turn her nose up at them and I still haven’t found it stuck to something it shouldn’t have been so we may be in luck. She really seems to enjoy being able to lead the feeding time, but does quickly get bored at the same time. We found it easier to not sit her in her Tripp Trapp for too much time prior to feeding as that only shortens her attention span, easier said than done when you trying to get tea ready for the whole family though.


D’s favourites currently include strawberries, water melon (minus the seeds – thanks daddy), bread sticks, rusks, biscotti’s, broccoli, root vegetables, to be fair most things she’s in control of.


Puree’s still prove to be a battle / on D’s terms as she continues to accept any “nice zithromax buy flavoured purees” such as fruit based ones, yoghurts or those Apple and Pear Custard ones form Heinz with the good lids meaning you can reseal them for another day… if they last that long.


I did notice that Ella’s Kitchen (one of D’s staple puree providers) have introduced a “for 6 months+” range which sits inbetween the smooth purees and the ones which seem to have a large amount of bits in so I’m hopeful she may take to them if we try them as at present she seems to spit the 7 month ranges (regardless of brand) back at us like some kind of Alpaca and as much as I love feeding D, I don’t enjoy chickpea and sweet potato mash over me.


Some of D’s favourite puree’s (she particularly loves the breakie ones)Weaning


As part of the weaning process we have been reviewing the OXO tots Divided Feeding Dish and Feeding Spoon Set with Soft Silicone, both in pink (obvs) which have been great for multiple foods, especially when nipping out and about at friends houses.