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Weaning Update: Part 2


So another couple of weeks on and and update on weaning for D.

Recently we have tried several new finger foods such as toast, chicken, parsnips, cheese, Strawberries and more recently a Staffordshire tradition, a Staffordshire Oatcake.

For those not familiar with an oatcake (as I wasn’t prior to living in Stoke on Trent), it can only be described as having the thinness of a crepe or pancake but similar to the top of a crumpet with smaller holes. Its savoury in taste, almost rubber like but when filled with different fillings, becomes a yummy snack. We normally have anything such as cheese (an oatcake staple), beans, egg, bacon, sausage or mushrooms in there. Sold it to you? Thought not, but if you ever get chance to try it, believe me, it does taste good. We are slightly obsessive as to were we buy them from in Stoke on Trent though and only get ours from a place called High Lane Oatcake as most others are a bit stodgy for our liking. In fact order zithromax cheap High Lane Oatcakes were recently named by Esquire as 8th in the top 25 places to eat breakfast in the country , they deliver too if you are curious. 🙂


As you can see, D loved her cheese oatcake and really had a good go at it. She is proving to be extremely stubborn when it comes to any kind of puree’s, particularly our home made ones (no, its not our cooking) but she will try the Ella’s Kitchen or Hipp Organic, but does like to feed herself rather than Mrs F or I spoon it for her. She’s a little fussy with the less smooth varieties but is getting there.



Thats all for now, but we have recently been given the opportunity to try out some OXO Tot feeding equipment as well as my recent BabyBjorn weaning set competition win so next update will also feature how she is getting on with these.


Until next time

Jim x