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Weaning Update: Part 1

Its been two weeks since D began her weaning adventure so I thought I’d post a quick update…

She seemed to take to it like duck to water to begin with, ok she had a weird sucking action at first whereby you put the spoon to her mouth and she’d zap it off it like some kind of iron fillings to a magnet but sure enough after a few attempts she began to open her mouth and take it in.


We initially tried her on some of Daddy’s homemade carrot and swede puree and as a fruit alternative, some pear puree. Both seemed to be working fine, as did the baby porridge in the mornings. However, whether it was the sweetness of the pear puree giving her a swift sweet tooth or something completely different, D quickly went off both the carrot and swede, as well as the morning porridge. It became a drawn out affair of feeding her as we persisted, as depending on where you read, it can take anything between 10 and 30 times of tasting the same food before a baby likes it. :-/


As well as this we introduced rusks, carrot and cucumber sticks for finger food. Her hands and fingers knew exactly what to do and she quickly picked them up and put them into her mouth before turning them into mush. Its amazing how strong those toothless gums are! Its also amazing how quickly the near vicinity augmentin order online turns into a sludge fest?!?!


Persisting with the puree route too, Mrs F has cooked up what can only be described as a banquet selection of flavours which are currently taking up circa 30% of our freezer space. On initial testing it seems she is happy to progress with these flavours… for now (nothing to do with she likes Mrs F’s more than mine by the way).

Weaning Part 1 Ella

This weekend just gone, I tried her on some of Ella’s Kitchen as well as Hipp Organic’s pouches and both went down a treat. She particularly liked the Ella’s Sweet Potato as well as Hipp’s Peaches and Baby Rice. Thats good news for when we go on holiday as we found these to be a lifesaver for H when on holiday when he was younger. Daddy also slipped her a couple of skips which she nailed…..but don’t tell Mrs F.


It seems like the combination of baby led weaning and puree is working quite well after a little stumble to begin with.


D loves sitting in her Stokke Tripp Trapp too, we have the storm grey one which looks gorgeous. H isn’t too pleased as now we have the baby seat in, it means he can no longer take off the newborn seat and use it as his own. Chances are we may look to get another in the very near future as they are great additions and we use the one several times a day already.