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Hello Weaning !

Little D is now approaching 6 months and so its time to start the “weaning stage of her life. The addition of real foods as opposed to just Mrs F’s on demand supply of milk. We are looking to go for a combination of puree and baby led weaning (BLW).

Baby led is a fantastic method to help improve your child’s motor skills, whether that be their hands and fingers through picking up, or their mouth motor skills as your baby learns to use their mouths as opposed to the suck and breathing function which come as natural following birth.

My Sunday photo 15.02.2015

Puree’s are also a fantastic addition for weaning as they provide quick and easy solutions, particularly when you are out and about as well as being easy to store or cook in batches. When H was weaning we tended to go more down the puree route and although he enjoys his food, he is a little fussy. I think that was mainly due to us only giving him certain augmentin cheap price finger foods when baby led weaning rather than a bit of everything. I certainly think with D we will explore all food types.


We already have our favoured Stokke Tripp Trapp chair and our little princess has just made to transition from Newborn set to baby set. Mrs F has also worked her creative magic by conjuring up a lovely seat cover herself. Stokke unfortunately don’t sell a food tray which connects to the Tripp Trapp in the UK (they do in the US) as they are obviously keen to encourage social skills in terms of baby being at your family dining table however at such a young age, thats not always possible so we managed to source a replica tray from trusty Amazon.

Stokke Tripp Trapp

All set to go, we are now stocking up on the likes of Ella’s Kitchen, Hipp and Heinz at the ready and also batch cooking such as pear puree’s for the messy but fun, next chapter in her life.


Welcome to weaning D!

Stokke Tripp Trapp