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We are going to Walt Disney World!!

For the past year now the subject of “when is the right time?” has been a regular discussion for Mrs F and I. I’m not talking about having another child, definitely not, I’m talking about when to go to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.

We’ve both always been of the opinion we would save to go one year, but was undecided when that would be. There’s a three year age gap between the children with H currently 7 and D now 4. We always wanted to ensure we went at a time when the age for both children was at a point where they could both enjoy the promised ‘Magic’ which I’ve seen and read so much about. We had identified 2020 as probably being the ‘best year’ as H would be nine years old and D five so both old enough to remember it as well as enjoying the characters still.

Although we had discussed it many of times, we had never actually looked into it in detail, things like prices, dates etc. I mean, I knew it would be massively expensive, a once in a lifetime kinda cost and in my head was expecting for a family of four to be around the £9,000+ mark. Coupling that with he fact that Mrs F works within the education sector and therefore only gets school holidays off, I knew we’d be expected to pay a premium.

With both of us having a Monday off and with D and H both at school / nursery, we decided to pop down to the local travel agents to “just get a quote” for the following year just to put those demons to bed, to find out once and for all whether it was going to involve me selling a kidney on eBay in order to fund this once in a lifetime trip or whether we’d be eating dust as well as being kidney-less.

Looking at prices based on 2019 (they don’t release plane prices / park tickets for too far in advance we checked out all the holidays, Halloween £9,000. Easter, £8,000, Summer Holidays £9,500, I could feel a vital organ sale coming on. The travel agent played around with dates and suggested May half term however in order to have two weeks, it would mean having to take the children out of school for a week and then the fact that Mrs F tends to only have time off in school holidays. If this was possible though the price could be as low as £6,000 – I might be able to sell a toe rather than an organ now.

Having left the travel agents I was surprisingly optimistic of a visit, especially given that summer holiday all inclusive holidays weren’t coming up much cheaper than the quote we had, especially now D is required to have her own plane seat. I had an urge “Shall we go in 2019 instead of waiting?”, there was one problem though, Mrs F’s employers.

Thankfully the fact she’s worked there for 10 years and the fact she is a good employee she managed to get special dispensation for leave, paving the way for a potential trip.

With a bit of searching myself and with complete enthusiasm, I managed to get the price down even further than quoted so within a week we had booked up!

We are going to Orlando, but more importantly we are going to Walt Disney World!!!

I can’t wait to share more with you along the way but for now I need to keep it under wraps as we’re yet to tell the children, but plan to reveal soon as we want them to be a part of the planning and excitement we are currently feeling and doing.

Have you been to Walt Disney World, or Orlando? I’d love to hear your tips and must do’s. I’ve also become addicted to watching YouTube videos of vloggers at WDW so would love to hear of any recommendations if you have some.

Until next time