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Top Tips for Using Your Micro Scooter in the Autumn Winter Months

We’ve spoken previously about our families love for scooting and in particular for us, the only scooter worth mentioning is Micro Scooter. With no less than three out of the four of us being regular scooters (I’ll leave you to guess which one is just a fair weather scooter), I thought I’d give you some top tips if, like us, you still want to enjoy scooting safety during the more wet, dark and colder months as the clocks go back.


Tip 1 – Always clean down your scooter

It may be the more “boring” of jobs but its important that your scooter is clean and dirt free when scooting in Autumn and winter. With millions of mulching leaves all around as well as wet mud, your scooter will be prone to picking up all kinds of stragglers which will inadvertently effect the use of the break. I always use child labour for ours, its amazing how much the promise of a couple of quid can go in the half term holidays… 🙂 ***(Note to social services, no children were harmed in the making and the child pictured in this is my own)


Tip 2 – Wear reflective clothing

With winter nights closing in, no sooner have you blinked on the way home from the school run and its dark so its important to ensure you or those scooting wear something reflective. The good old faithful eBay is a cheap and cheerful place to pick up some of those snap on reflective bands which are great for clipping around your ankles or wrists to give you some extra visibility for any vehicles around.



Tip 3 – Bling your scooter up with lights

Take off the fancy windmills, bottle holders and ribbon streamers and invest in a light and bell as a minimum. Micro Scooter have some Safety Gift sets which include both those mentioned and a helmet too so are great for making sure your children are well protected.


Tip 4 – Watch out for puddles

Although it may seem like fun to speed through puddles and by no means am I enforcing the “fun police” all over this tip, I am however, going to just cautiously warn against what puddles you decide to speed through as I’ve been on the end of a good falling on a previous occasion thanks to my naivety   of the depth of said puddles. H on the other hand is a devil for going through them and never paying the price.


Tip 5 – Wear a helmet

We are massive believers that helmets should be worn all year round, and even if you or your children are not speed demons, its others around you that you might need protecting against. We’ve got a helmet for each of us (adults included) and even have one of the new helmets with built in LED lights in the front and back which is ideal for darker nights, it even comes in a cool black colour so is suitable for all ages.


Tip 6 – Find some “Safe” places

If you simply don’t have time to enjoy an evening scoot, then check out your local area for some good empty spaces. Sunday afternoon’s can be great for identifying places to scoot safely. Places like car parks which are now closed thanks to Sunday trading hours. Likewise are their any scoot parks nearby which you could pay a visit nice and early whilst they more experienced scooters and skateboarders are still in bed.


Tip 7 – Have Fun.

Just because its dark, wet, windy and cold outside, it doesn’t mean you still can’t continue to enjoy your Scooters and continue to have fun all year round. Just follow the tips above and you’ll certainly be on your way.

Do you have any tips for Scooting in the Autumn / Winter months? If so, leave them in the comments below. In the meantime, enjoy your scooting… and watch out for those puddles…..


Until next time





NB: Although we are Micro Scooter Ambassadors, we were under NO obligation to write this post, we all genuinely really enjoy scooting. All opinions are our own.