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Top 10: Types of Dads you’re most likely to come across

Having been a Dad now for over 4 years, I like to think I have seen my fair share of different Dads around, some good, some learning, some bad and some unfortunately I won’t mention…

Below is my take on the Top 10 types of Dads I’ve come across (including myself)…


10. The “Know it all” Dad

This Dad is on their second (or maybe more) child and now thinks its their responsibility to educate other new or soon to be new Dads on everything about parenting. Reflux – experienced it… PND – experienced it. You name it and they have a view on the matter. These Dads need to rein it in a little to avoid coming across in the way they do. Yes you have experience but you don’t need to “push” it on everyone like you are a professor in Parenthood.


9. The “I Do Nothing” Dad

I’m not quite sure why they call themselves a Dad other than their sperm has been used to make the baby but poor Mum run’s around like she’s SuperMum(and Dad combined into one) keeping house and home tidy whilst managing to look after the children, making lunch and tea and coming out… somehow sane. The worst type of Dad in my eye and seriously needs to get out of the stone ages and get stuck in. I will say in some Dad’s defence that Mum doesn’t help the situation in some cases by letting it happen. These Dad’s even have the nerve to say they want more children…. well I would if it meant I didn’t have to lift a finger, help with night feeds or have sleep deprivation too!


8. The “Perfect” Dad

This Dad is fantastic in most mums eyes (mainly as they wished they had a partner like them), they cook, clean, take ownership of their little ones, send Mum off to spa day’s, even take other parent’s babies off them for a cuddle, feed or hold when out and about at play dates. They adore their children, don’t worry about showing off their caring side and would much rather spend every minute of their free time with their children than with the “lads”.


7. The “Lazy” Dad

This Dad would rather lie around all day whilst his son/daughter plays on computer games or iPads. Blaming it being too hot, or too cold outside and never breaking free from the norm. Convincing himself the kids are enjoying themselves doing the above, which they probably are… because they haven’t known any different. This Dad needs lots of kicks up the backside and would soon realise his children would much rather be visiting a farm, or playing on a playground then stuck inside all day of their beloved gadgets.


6. The “Scared” Dad

This dad needs some help and encouragement, he wants to be a great Dad but he’s scared of doing things wrong. Scared of breaking the little one when holding them or changing their nappies. He secretly reads blogs, forums and other parent related information in the hope to find the holy grail of parenting. Give this Dad some encouragement when you see him and whatever you do, don’t mistake him for Lazy Dad.


5. The “Gadget” Dad 

This Dad would much rather spend £100s of pounds on products which their children don’t need, but in fact its the Dad who wants it. Obsessed by gadgets, they insist its needed in order to enrich the families life when in reality its used once and then sold on via the selling pages of Facebook thanks to Mum who’s finally seen sense and realised its actually crap.


4. The “Stay at Home” Dad

This Dad rips up all the old antiquated rule books and is helping to change societies perceptions that upon having a child a Mum shouldn’t feel the need to stop their careers whilst Dad’s get to continue theirs. A modern day Dad, these Dad’s do exactly the same as what Mum’s do (other than breastfeed obvs) and don’t see the need to celebrate it or make an issue of it, as its just the way it is. Society needs more of these in life. If you see them at parent and baby/toddlers classes, they don’t have an illness and there’s no need to leave them out of your click group.


3. The “Lad” Dad

This dad still thinks he’s one of the boys, continuing to live the lifestyle he’s always lived prior to having their little one and doesn’t see the need to change this. The envy of many other Dads as somehow they manage to pull it off for a long time after having their little one but also disliked by many Mum’s who pray their partners don’t have a mid life crisis and try and turn into Lad Dad. Don’t worry fellow Dad’s, this Dad will soon hit the brick wall…


2. The “Best Dressed” Dad

He’s always at any event dressed like he’s just walked off the catwalk in Milan. Hair looking smart, clothes pressed and fitted well. Mum’s gush over his style sense, other Dad’s look on, mumbling under their breath that the reason they have rolled up to the playdate in their 2005 Mexico holiday shirt, a pair of poorly fitted shorts and some Haviannas which have seen better days is because they prefer their children to have better clothes than they do. This is part true, however they’ve been so engrossed in surviving parenthood, they’ve forgotten how to look good themselves.


1. The “Trying to Do the Best They Can” Dad

This is my final Dad and although they probably don’t get the plaudits they deserve, they really are doing their very best to be a good Dad. Not every Dad can be the “Perfect Dad” as we aren’t designed that way but this Dad will try his very best to be. He may get it wrong, sometimes, maybe a lot at times, but that doesn’t mean he’s done it on purpose, he’s learning. He’ll be their for his children, through thick or thin, rich or poor, good times and bad times and that really does make him a great Dad.


What type of Dad do you fall into? Maybe like me, you think you dip into several. Maybe there are other  types of Dad’s you have seen or are? Feel free to add to the list below…..


Until next time