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Top 10: Things which currently really annoy me

I can pretty much be quite an optimistic person majority of the time, and often am in danger of being one of those annoyingly over positive people. Equally though I can be pretty miserable if in the right mood and love nothing more than a good old moan to get things out my system in the hope my inner “Debbie Downer” disappears and “Super Steve” returns to the forefront. This post though is mainly focused unfortunately on the former and in my quest to return to my happy self, I’ve noted down a top 10 of things that currently really wind me up.

Its worth noting that these are in no particular order but I wonder if I’m just being grumpy or if any of these really annoy you too.

10. People who say “I don’t iron”

Come on! How it that even possible?!? Surely you look like a sack of shit or have some miracle washer  / dryer function which you don’t want to share with anyone else? I’ve tried everything, washing loads of clothes, washing little clothes, drying in the dryer, hang drying (they end up smelling stale) radiator drying, nothing works.. either tell me your secret or shut the funk up!!


9. See my “haul video”

Haul?!? When did a bag of stuff become a haul..? Its a bag of clothes! Its a bag of stationery… its more likely a bag of shit if you have a haul of it… either that or you’re made of money… The word ‘haul’ makes me a little bit sick in my mouth… the type you are forced to swallow back down.. yuk!


8.Facebook attention seekers

Come on, enough with it already… there’s always a crisis… boyfriend, girlfriend, friends don’t love me, check in at the hospital, check in at the hospital…again! (no one cared the first time) all done for one reason, attention. Come on, just text your real friends and tell them but don’t tell your ex schoolmates, ex workmates and anyone you met on holiday once as not only do they not give a crap, there is enough rubbish on Facebook already without you wining on.


7. Dads who do nothing

Its the 21st century… It really gets me when I hear things like, X doesn’t change nappies, X wouldn’t get up in the night, I can’t leave baby with Dad for the day, he wouldn’t cope… come on Dads you helped make them, its time man up and stop trying to act all “Man circa 1950s” and pull your finger out…in other words grow a real pair!


6. Separate bank accounts

Okay, I get it if you maybe generic zithromax buy don’t live together but if you are living together and have been in a stable relationship for a while having separate bank accounts just screams selfish pricks… I can’t be bothered with this, “my money, your money” crap, does it matter who earns more, or if you want to go out and spend some money on something. If you haven’t got the guts to discuss it and be responsible, you shouldn’t be together.


5. Free Childcare for those NOT working but able

How does this make sense… you don’t work, you’re able to… but you don’t… yet have some free childcare so you can enjoy some me time? All this whilst the rest of the working public are out at work, earning money to pay overpriced childcare fees whilst the people which actually look after the children barely scrape minimum wage. A classic case of society being F’d up!


4. Left over Mayonnaise 

Why do people who have mayonnaise, always put too much on their plates and then have a big pile left once they’ve ate they meal…? Even if you try and scrap most of it off into the bin, the rest still kills any fresh soapy water you had and floats like a sauce version of poo in your bowl when washing dishes.

3. Word pictures on Instagram

I’ll keep this one simple… Instagram is an app to share photo’s not words, If I wanted words, I’d go on Facebook or Twitter….


2. Hot tap dispensers

WTAF! Work places are full of these “energy saving” devices. Not only do they leave your teas or coffee’s a murky kind of liquid but they go cold after a few minutes… not to mention you can no longer waste a good couple of minutes chatting whilst the kettle boils… bring back kettles I say!!


1.  Pointless Instagram Videos

I love Instagram as a concept but hate the disposable video / Instagram stories function. The reason being, its what all instagram people just use to shove copious clips of themselves ‘walking and talking shit’ or ‘baby rambling videos’ or generally shit they wouldn’t dare tarnish their picture perfect feed up with. If you post crap on stories then be real and post similar on your feeds and prove that life isn’t always that perfect to the masses.


Phew! That feels better, if anyone else wants to add to the list feel free, likewise I’d love to hear of things which annoy you too.. sometimes a good old moan to get things out of your system is not always a bad thing.


Until next time

Jim x