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Top 10: Kids Programmes I love

It’s time for another One Dad One Blog Top 10 and this time I thought I’d cover kids programmes. Given that, despite us paying ridiculous amounts of money for digital TV, 80% of the time when its on, it seems to be on the children’s channels. Unlike Mrs F, who absolutely detests most of them, I feel the need to embrace the programmes and often find myself staring into the TV once H has gone to bed singing the Cbeebies bedtime song…..

10. Ben & Holly

Ben and Holly


There was a time when this would have featured in my Top 10 of most hated as it felt like this programme was never off our TV. Thankfully due to H gaining a wider appreciation for different shows, this isn’t the case anymore and so who can’t resist a spot of Ben and Holly? A short programme by the makers of Peppa Pig about fairy’s and Elves.


9. Fireman Sam

A classic kids programme and although its been modernised, its not had a massive enough makeover to be different to what I remember it growing up, naughty Norman Price is still in it too.


8. Little Princess

Little Princess

I think I like this as its not your normal kids programme in that this one is about a spoilt Princess who spends all her time in her white bed outfit, lives with her whole family and does not like it when she doesn’t get what she wants.


7. Art Attack

I was always into Smart Art, Art Attack and such like when I was younger so now I’m older… of course nothing has changed, I still believe I could make Tracy Island and it would look like the real thing, when in reality it turns out like a papier måché mount of toilet tissue.


6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This is a new one for H as I’m trying to move him on from some of the really younger programmes and onto some of the classics in the hope it spawns a massive love for action figures and such like. Bring on He-Man and Transformers next. 🙂


5. Curious George

Curious George

George is a little can you buy zithromax online inquisitive monkey who despite making things go wrong, always ends up making them right. I love how nobody turns a blind eye to the fact a man who only ever wears yellow has a monkey as a pet and these people even talk to the monkey as if he’s a human. I also think Pharell took his hat inspiration from the Man in the Yellow Hat.


4. Swashbuckle

I’d love to be on this show. I guess its like a modern day and slightly simpler version of my childhood classic ‘Fun House’. I often find myself chanting “Walk the Plank, Walk the Plank” when the Pirates have to jump into the gunge at the end of every show.


3. Woolly & Tig

Woolley and Tig

Woolly and Tig is a show about a little girl (Tig) and her teddy spider (Woolly). Woolly comes to life and always explains to Tig why certain things are the way they are. I’d love a friendly little spider to have told me about growing up when I was younger. I’m not sure Mrs F would… she hates spiders.


2. Topsy & Tim

Who could not like Topsy & Tim? Twins who always get up to everyday things. I’m so glad their mum isn’t in Eastenders anymore though as it was blowing my mind that she was appearing in my daytime viewing as a lovely mum but by night she was caught up in all the drama of Walford Square.


1. Zack & Quack

Zack And Quack

Zack and Quack is about a boy and his duck friend in the world of pop up’s. I still love a good pop up book now and the excitement of pulling the tab to reveal the pop up. Zack and Quack is beautifully made and manages to capture the pop up fun within their programme.


As you can see, I do love my H’s kids programmes. Are there any you love which you would put on the list? Feel free to comment below….


I plan on doing a list of my most annoying Children’s programmes so watch out for that soon.

Jim x