Day's Out, Top Ten

Top 10: Holiday / Places we would love to experience

So I haven’t done a top 10 for a while now and as its way past Christmas (was it really over 2 months ago now) our attentions have turned to holidays and trips and this year, whether its that the kids are getting older and we are feeling more braver or whether this crabby weather is just really peeing us off, we have started to think about more than our usual holidays to the Spanish isles.

We have really been think about places we’d like to go, or take the children to so I thought I’d share a run down of 10 of the current places we’d like to venture to…. hopefully sooner rather than later. These are in no particular order however if I was pushed to pick, I’d have 7, 6 and 10 in my top 3….


10. Italy – Mrs F and I were married in Sorrento Italy, which will be 5 years ago in April. Although H was nearly a year old, he obviously can’t remember it so it would be lovely to go back to Sorrento and also the place we got married and show both our children as well as reminisce the lovely ceremony and time we had there.

9. Skiing – I’ve always had a curiosity regarding skiing, I love the idea of log cabins, pure snow and a different kind of holiday to the usual sun, sea and sand. That said I’ve always been reluctant to experience it in exchange for the sun holiday so have never really taken the plunge. With the likes of a couple of friends experiencing skiing holidays as well as seeing some fellow bloggers recently on ski holidays, my desire to experience it is growing by the months.


8. Butlins – Yes, I did just say it. Every year we love going on a long weekend (sometimes longer) to a Haven caravan park, H absolutely adores the characters, the shows and the whole concept. I can’t say I’m a total convert but seeing his and now D’s enjoyment far outweighs the obvious pitfalls of staying in a metal shed. That said, I’d love to see whether the redcoats can put on equally as good experience as the Funstars so its definitely on our English To-Do holiday places.

7. Disneyland – This may seem an obvious choice as who wouldn’t want to go to Disneyland but I’m a massive fan of all Disney films and having both H and D who equally share my love of the Disney movies (as well as the songs) can only mean its a must visit place for us all… the question is, when is the right ages for the little ones, with D nearly 6 and D 2, we want to time it right so they both remember it for years to come.


6. Country Retreat / Log Cabin / Cottage – I love the idea of shutting ourselves off from the world and really enjoying some quality family time together, I’m not overly fussed if there buy generic zithromax azithromycin isn’t much civilisation around either, my only requirements….. a log burner, hot tube, great food and drink as well as maybe some close friends.


5. City Break – As a family we are very much creatures of habit and love sticking to things we love. The danger with that is you never experience things you may love more… One thing we want to do more of is go on city breaks, whether that be in the UK and stopping in a low cost hotel (or high cost hotel budget allowing) for the weekend or equally going further afield to places like Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam etc. Experiencing more places and cultures is one thing we want to do both for ourselves but also for the children too.


4. New York – Personally I’d love to visit New York with just Mrs F however as we can’t bring ourselves to leave the littles ones at home just yet it would need to be as a family. With something for everyone there I’m sure we could make it work.


3. Lapland (The proper one) – We’d love to take the children over to lapland at Christmas time and really enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit as a family. All too often do the holidays go by within a flash and we are all back at school / work and have not really made the typical “pre Christmas week” as Christmassy as we’d of liked so I think getting away to a magical place would really be a fabulous experience.

2. A Cruise – Again, not an obvious choice as I really used to think cruises were just for the old and rich however having seen some of these mega ships through the joys of documentaries on TV, its really made me want to experience it. Although I’m not sure how I’d feel when in the middle of the ocean but I love the idea of being away from the world (along with 1000s of other holiday makers / silver tops obvs) as well as occasionally having stops off at land places too.


1. Cbeebies Land Hotel / Legoland Hotel – Yes this is two separate places but they both fall into the category of high budget, ‘experience’ room stays. The kids would absolutely love and lose their shit to stop in either of the two mentioned however whenever we’ve look into something like this, the price always puts us off as we can’t justify the spend when in some cases, the price is equivalent to a weeks holiday somewhere else… it still doesn’t stop us wanting to visit though.


So thats my list top 10 list of places we’d live to visit / experience as a family. Yes, I know some of them are pretty generic but thats mainly as I’m not too fussy as well as not being completely “well educated” in the travelling arena.


Are there any places you have on your bucket lists, whether obvious or not so obvious?


Until next time