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Top 10 Gifts for Dad this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching I often start to think about what I’d love for Christmas (as opposed to the socks, pants and woolly jumpers that is) and this year has been no different. Here are my Top 10 gifts for Dad this Christmas … well maybe not Dads, more me but I’ll share it with you anyway…


10. De’longhi Lattissima Espresso Machine – £299

Since having the kids I’ve become a massive lover of coffee and am the proud owner of gold membership at Starbucks however we all now that these aren’t cheap and therefore a home coffee machine would be a good alternative. Having tried some of the “cheaper” coffee machines I’d need to make sure I didn’t skimp on quality so the Nespresso machine would be a great compromise. With both style and fast, this one hits both spots.

9. Joseph Joseph Elevate Knives – £65

We are massive lovers of Joseph Joseph products as they offer great build quality as well as style. The Elevate Knives Carousel looks fantastic and would make me believe I’m a modern day Ramsey… get out of my F&^King kitchen!!

8. BB-8 Sphero – £129.99

I’m a massive lover of Star wars and can’t wait to see the latest film especially now I’ve seen BB-8 in the trailers. BB-8 is the latest droid to be added to the series and moves in a cool way, so much so Sphero have made a version of him to add to their already fascinating collection.

7. LEGO – Star Wars Millennium Falcon – £129.99

I’m also a massive LEGO fan incase you hadn’t notice but combining it for my love of Star wars just blows my mind so the iconic Millennium Falcon is a must of my Xmas wish list.

6. Apple TV (version4) – £129

I’m a self confessed Apple “Fanboy” and so far nobody has been able to convince me to go against the grain as much as I’d love to be proven wrong. The new Apple TV (version 4 for those counting) now has the ability to add apps to the media streaming system as well as the addition of various other tweaks too.

5. Nintendo Wii U – £249

With H growing up and me being a novice gamer pre kids, I’d love to be able to combine both H and I’s love for technology and enjoy some “family gaming” on the Wii U. I had the original Wii the first time generic augmentin xr round and it really was great for family / friends fun and I’m interested to see what the Wii U can add to what was a fantastic console.

4. B&O BeoPlay H7 Headphones – £329

Having some really decent headphones would be a god scene, especially as I can find myself travelling a lot of the time with my job. Bang & Olufsen are renowned for their style and quality so would be great for the “modern” man in me 🙂

3. Hive Heating – £99

We already have Hive heating at our new home and we absolutely love it. The ability to turn your heating on and off remotely using your phone or even set it to come on within you being so many miles away from your home just amazes me everytime. The new Hive 2 hub loves fantastic though and is a real statement piece for any technology enthused household.

2. Philips Hue LED Starter set – £149

I love Home Automation and not because I’m too lazy to get up to do something, I just find it fascinating that you are able to control things for anywhere in the world, add into the geo locations and triggers and you will be able to switch the heating on, turn some lights on and start running a bath at the touch of a button soon. For now though, start small, this set of LED lights by philips are controlled using an app on your phone so why not get these, play some Barry White on your smart phone and lower those lights… 😉

1.GoPro Hero 4 – £250

This is one very much on my wish list. Yes you can record on your phone but if you’re anything like me, you’ll be forever battling with your storage availability and therefore probably couldn’t record for anymore than 15 seconds even if you wanted too. Having a Gro Pro will allow you to record those moments you really don’t want to miss on a device which is not only small enough to carry around and not notice it, but it also looks and works great too… please Santa *cough Cough*


Thats ten items for Dad sorted for Christmas this year… the question now is… what to get Mum. Answers on a postcard please… oh and if she wants some of these too then I’ll love her even more than I do now 😉

Until next time

Jim x