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Top 10: Child Safety Special

Given we have just moved into our new house last month, we need to start considering the additional items we need to ensure D stays safe. She began crawling at 7 months and is now frequently pulling herself up on things. It feels like despite you placing her in the most safe position on the floor, within seconds she is in to something she shouldn’t be.

Whether that be reaching up to tip waste bins over, magazine racks, tiled floors, the list goes on and its only going to get worse. Then there’s the fact she now has her own room, a new cot/cotbed, and is situated the furthest away from our room (Yay-don’t tell Mrs F I said that though).


With all this in mind, I have decided to do a top 10 of child safety items we will need in our new home based on both previous experience with H, what we have already (if anything) and my internet browsing to date 🙂


10. Door stoppers

Despite us approaching summer (it is June after all) the wind is still extremely unpredicable and therefore doors can easily slam. We all know that there’s nothing worse than trapped fingers so we are investing in some of Lindam’s XTRA GUARD Engery Door absorbing Door Stoppers.

These little contraptions slide onto your doors to stop them fully closing, leaving just enough gap to stop fingers being trapped. The are pretty cheap too so don’t need to cost the earth.


RRP: £3.50 each


9. Corner Cushions

We’ve all done it, cracked our head on something high up, a cabinet, book shelf or something or other and boy does it hurt. Well our little ones still need the same thoughts for but lower level items such as coffee tables. Corner cushions help absorb that bump so like the door stopper, the XTRA GUARD range from Lindam are a perfect match and come in a pack of 4 to ensure all corners of your table are covered.


RRP: £4


8. Jigsaw Playground Safety Mat

These are fab if you are worried about your little one on the paving area in your garden but can also quite easily be used in conservatories or anywhere with tiled flooring inside the house too, helping to create a fun and spongy area for your little ones to explore upon. They can also double up as a learning tool for your elder children if you have them as most come with letters or numbers on them.


My advice for these would be to look on eBay as you can pick up a set of 36pcs for a very competitive price

RRP: Around £8-£12


7. Plug socket protectors

With little fingers prodding and poking everything around the house, its worth picking up some plug socket protects with simply fit straight into your plug sockets whilst ensuring than those little hands can’t put their precious digits (or other things) into live electric. These can be picked up at various places with some supermarkets even stocking their own ranges.


RRP: Around £4-£8


6. Kitchen door locks

Have your glasses, plates or breakables in lower level cupboards? Better think again as the little explorers love nothing more than opening cupboards and pulling things out. Having kitchen door locks will save you having to reconfigure your kitchen cupboards and whilst for the first few days it feels like you’re pulling your arm sockets out of joint when trying to open your cupboards and forgetting they now have locks, you soon remember.

Like the plug socket protectors, there are many stockists of these so its worth shopping around.


RRP: Around £3-£6


5. Reins

Once D starts to get on her feet, reins will be needed to ensure she can have the independence of walking but whilst still being buying augmentin online safe and close to Mrs F or I. We previously had the LittleLife Dinosaur Daypack with reins with H as not only do they look fab, they also have a handy pocket for Peppa in the case with H below, alternatively stock with a small drink or snacks should your little ones feet get tired and they need a pit stop.IMG_0969

They create a fantastic range of daypacks with reins including various different animals themes as well as some well known ones such as Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear. I think we’d probably go for the Mini Mouse or Fairy one for D 🙂


RRP:  £19.95


4. Bath mats

I’m not a massive fan of big ugly bath mats, which whilst they completely serve their purpose, they look like something you’d find more in a care home than for baby safety.

Munchkin on the other hand do make really bright and colourful bath mats and we have the gorgeous Grippy dots which is a pack of 6 grip circles which suction into your bath, making them a fun addition whilst bringing safety to bath time.


RRP: £8.00


3. Sun Protection

When out in the garden (fingers crossed it will get nice) you need something to keep your little one safe when napping or playing (or both in this case) so we have the Travel Essentials Deluxe UV Travel Centre. This is 3 in 1 as it works as a play tent, a sun shelter thanks to its UPF 35+ rating and finally a travel cot with self inflatable mattress. I’m a big lover of multi purpose products and this one fits the bill. It is self pop up and easy to dismantle and compact too.


I look forward to showcasing this more in the coming weeks.

RRP: £84.99


2. Baby monitor

A baby monitor is crucial for us as now D will be in a separate room at night on the other side of the house. I know I make it sound like the house is huge, it isn’t, but it is a big deal for us that she won’t be in the same room as us now so will want to make sure we hear her if there are any issues in the night. With me also on the road quite a bit with my day job, I want something which allows me to check in and see my little darling princess.

DLink EyeOn Baby Monitor

The D-Link EyeOn Baby Monitor HD 360  is a video baby monitor which works with your phones or tablets to allow you to look in without disturbing your little one, its got night vision, built in lullabies, pan and tilting ability, temperature sensor and allows me to log in remotely when I’m out of the house to see.

RRP: £165


1. Safety gates

A massive immediate safety issue for us and for me there is only one Safety gate provider I’d consider. Lindam have been providing safety products for over 25 years and offer a lifetime guarantee with their gates. They do various styles from pressure fit to wall fitted (important for tops of stairs) all with extendable parts. Their range is also modern in there they do various type materials ranging from wooden, aluminium through to your typical while metal variety.


We have the extendable Natural Wood gates which are wall fitted and perfect for our extra wide stairs, they also look very modern and fit in great with our home decor and therefore don’t feel like they are an eye sore imposing on your house.


RRP: £30.50


So thats my top 10 of safety products.


Do you have any you think should be added or you’d recommend, if so, pop them in the comments below as sharing is caring 🙂


Until next time

Jim x