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Tiny Tears Classic Doll Review

Tiny Tears Classic Review

As our littlest one is fast approaching her third Christmas she is moving on from the shakers and rattle toys now and vastly starting her nurturing and roll play phase. She’s a massive fan of dolls and all things role play so what better to have a review of than the iconic Tiny Tears Classic Doll.

Tiny Tears dolls have been around for over half a century now having celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. Although Mrs F and I are not that age, we ‘both’ remember them from our early years, me more so when playing with them at Infant schools and Mrs F from having two of her very own, Tiny Tears and the now retired Tiny Tim.

Having gone into the Aladdin’s cave that is the attic (or loft depending on how posh you are – is there a difference?), I was pleased to be able to find both Mrs F’s cherished possessions, they are one of the only toys she still has from her childhood so that instantly tells you about the quality and how loved they were. Both are still in fantastic condition with their real hair, detailed clothes, dummies and Tiny Tim still even has a nappy on (well boys do take longer to potty train than girls 😉 ).

New 2016 Tiny Tears Classic has a lot to live up to if these 25+ year old dolls are still standing. Coming complete with lovely long blond hair with a hair band accessory as well as dress in a gorgeous floral dress the looks of the new Tiny Tears Classic is a much improvement as Mrs F’s ones give me the creeps augmentin rxlist with their Chucky like stares.

She also comes complete with hair brush, bottle and dummy as well as thankfully a pair of knickers… so many dolls come without these and I’m pleased to see Tiny Tears leading by example.

As you’d expect if you have experience of Tiny Tears dolls, the iconic, drinking and then wetting ability still remains as does her Bailey to cry real tears too. Her eyes also shut when you lay Tiny Tears down and rock her to sleep. I would say that the limbs don’t feel as sturdy as the older dolls however only time will tell if they last the distance.

Little D loves her new doll and has taken to her straight the way, feeding her, rocking her and enjoying all the fun with comes with imaginative play. I’m also pleased to see her older brother joining in and play too as boys shouldn’t be afraid to enjoy showcasing their nurturing sides too. I know I’m not.

I think we may have to expand D’s collection a little further over Christmas and just like Tiny Tears Classic does, help to encourage that caring, loving side and development further through imaginative play as I don’t think Mrs F is so keen to share hers just yet 😉


Tiny Tears Classic, with her unique and updated floral dress design is available from all good toy shops now for around £19.99 but for further details check out their makers John Adams website.


Until next time

Jim x




NB. We were provided with a Tiny Tears Classic doll in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are our own and based on D’s reaction to her new doll.