Things That Go Bump In The Night

Six months in and baby D currently sleeps in our room, its not ideal but in a 2 bed semi the only other option would be to put her in with her brother H who sleeps like a champion. From 7 months onwards he has been a 7-7 sleeper with the only ever issue occurring when the clocks go back or when he’s ill. Thankfully the Gro-Clock easily sorts the first option out and the second doesn’t occur to frequently.

H Sleeping

Anyways, as it is, until we move, D is stuck in with us, in her micro cot, next to Mrs F’s side. No not because I’m idle and don’t do anything during the night, but because Mrs F insists on sleeping furthest away from the door incase we get robbers come to our house :-/

I’m not sure what she’s worried about personally as even I can’t open the baby gate at the top of the stairs after nearly 3 years so I doubt they will….

D Micro Cot

I degress…. D is a terrible sleeper. She was fantastic for the first 16 weeks, going down at 7 at night, waking once in the night (between 1-3am for around a 30 mins feed) and then sleeping until H’s Gro Clock gave him permission at 7am to storm our room like those robbers I discussed earlier, except rather than him bringing some heavies with him, he brings Mr Tumble, Rory the Tiger and George Pig. This was heaven, I could easily cope with this routine and thought we had hit the jackpot in terms of sleeping, I mean, she didn’t sleep during the day but that was fine, I am at work anyway, I don’t sleep in the day either 😉


Then she got ill, well we all did, but since just after Christmas, D has been a different sleeper, waking up several times a night and still not sleeping during the day either. She’ll nod off for a maximum of 30 minutes each time during the day and will sleep a little bit in your arms but when she’s in that cot its anyones guess. It’s as if we’ve been hit by a sleeping ogre who’s determined to make up for the near 16 weeks of bliss we previously order zithromax online canada experienced. H meanwhile continues to sleep like a champion…. even when he’s not in bed….

H Sleep Stairs


Yesterday, after looking on enviously at Al over on thedadnetwork for the past few weeks as Ted sleeps through following his Skype chat with Jo Tantum (sleep expert), watching tons of video’s on youtube featuring Jo giving advice and trying several things, we decided the next step was to upgrade our curtains, adding black out material to the other side in the hope that a darker room may encourage her to sleep better during the day, which if you read or listen to sleep experts will know, sleep breeds sleep and therefore she may sleep better at night. Baby sleep is vitally important for development and building immune systems amongst other things.

Of course, thats only one variable and there are lots of others which was are trying such as;

  • reducing her feeds during the night,
  • trying a dream feed before we go to sleep,
  • taking all toys / teddies out of her bed
  • playing wave sounds (although I must say this feels like I’m floating out to sea on a lilo)
  • trying the shh’ing technique.


There are also things which we are working on, such as deciding on a new bed, our current one squeaks (not like that) every time you move or roll over which I’m sure can’t be great if D is only light sleeping. Reducing our conversations during night feeds is another, this is easy though as both of us switch to phone mode and check out Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Finally I plan to do some sewing of my own as I’ve lost count of the amount of times Mrs F has lost one of her breast pads (iPads as H calls them) following a feed in the night…. I’m going to sew some string to them like mittens as trying to find them in our new blacked out room will be like a scene from the Krypton Factor, only in the dark and with a massive amount of obstacles which can hurt. (trust me, I know)


I’ll let you know how we get on