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The Trouble with…… Facebook

The Trouble With

As much as I like to be seen as a joker, positive person, I have to admit that at times I’m very Victor Meldrew’esk in that I love a good grumble. Whether thats due to me getting older, having children, the Dad in me, becoming a boring bastard or simply there are some things that just annoy me, I’ll let those that know me decide. What I am doing though (whether you like it or not) is using this medium to get it out there as I’m sure they say…

A problem shared is a problem halved


So I’m starting a new “The Trouble with….” series where I’ll focus on some issues which really get my wick, tick me off, both parent related and also wider issues.


This week I’m starting with Facebook….


I used to love Facebook…. it was revolutionary, a fantastic way to connect with lost friends, share things, chat but now I am continually asking myself if I should delete my account and come off altogether due to the fact its so false, here’s why I think why…


I remember the old days of MySpace and being friends with “MySpace Tom” (everyone was friends with MySpace Tom). He didn’t give two hoots about what his profile picture was like (see below) as lets face it, its not the best. Poor quality, grainy and quite frankly crap.

MySpace Tom

Nowadays on Facebook all you see is people showing off profile pictures of themselves which have been filtered through an “Insta” type App, or airbrushed and smoothed out using another “Face” app available all so their friends will comment on how gorgeous they look.


Then you have the needy statuses, these really get me, you know the ones, where someone will give a slight hint of something “major”, “life-destroying” or “worthy of being on News at Ten” that has happened to them today but not actually say what it was….. queue several friends as well as several friends who they haven’t spoken to since secondary school (and then it was only once) asking if everything is ok to which the person responds, “I can’t say on here, I’ll DM you” or “I’m okay, don’t worry”….. WHY FLIPPING SAY ANYTHING THEN?! Queue 23 comments later when the truth finally comes out in public that X is sick of being treated like an idiot for the 3 millionth time and actually it wasn’t so life buy augmentin 875 mg changing in the first place, all they wanted was attention.


Next you have the Friend count… Where if you delve into your friends… how many of them are actually your friends? No really friends, not people you went school with, never spoke to but knew their name, work colleagues, bosses (why you would friend you boss is beyond me by the way). Lets face it, you know what your REAL friends are up to, the only reason you add everyone else is to have a snoop around their profile, look at all their photo’s and judge their lives. We are so nosey as a nation.


One of my real bug bears is app requests… Farmville, odd socks, candy crush, the list goes on…. as if the original days when you could “Facebook poke” someone wasn’t bad enough, now I have constant notifications off my friends continuing to ask if I want to give them a life…. I want to tell them to get a life?!?!



Finally Statuses… “look at me”, I’m at a concert, I’m bungie jumping, I’m staying in a 5* resort and drinking champagne, I’m off to an awards ceremony, I’m going on the lash for the 23rd night this month. You never see a “I’m sitting in watching re-runs of Last of the Summer Wine cos its the end of the month and we have no money left and by the way, Terrestrial TV is shit nowadays…”


Its all false, People only put on the good stuff they WANT you to see and will get them a reaction and not normal life so when you think about adding someone as a friend, remind yourself that if you are doing it for a snoop around, it won’t be a true reflection of their life.


Someone once said to me

Facebook is where you let everyone think your life is perfect and Twitter is where you tell the truth


I think that is probably right to be fair, the only difference is you don’t have 3 million people asking for further details when you’ve had a shit day when you rant on Twitter and thats what I think is the trouble with Facebook.


Thats it for this weeks “The Trouble with…”. Is there anything that annoys you about Facebook? Please leave them in the comments below.


Jim x