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The Rise of the Gamer

Having recently turned 6, H has, up until now, been happy to watch videos, movies or enjoy Youtube on his iPad rather than play any console computer games. I would probably say that ever since our fantastic experience at the LEGO Batman Movie premier in London’s Leicester Square he has taken a new liking to games and is fast becoming not only a physical LEGO set fan, but also a fan of the LEGO computer games.

At the premier, I faintly remember one of the many attractions in the foyer was a LEGO dimensions game and whilst I was happy to wait for one of the talented artists to draw a characture of myself, H was bumbling his way around the LEGO dimensions game before enjoying the premier later on.


All the way home, he was asking for the LEGO dimensions game for Christmas and following seeing it for a cracking price, we passed the details onto Santa and sure enough come Christmas Day he received it.


Fast forward a few more months and although personally speaking we wasn’t that keen on the LEGO Dimension game (probably as you need to purchase multiple level packs), we did get him a pre-owned buy generic zithromax Playstation Vita for his birthday alongside both Minecraft and the LEGO Movie game… and BOOM! H is now fully functioning in terms of buttons and co-ordination and ability to work out levels and how to complete things.

He’s really turned into a gamer now and having downloaded several free demo’s on my dusty PS4, the LEGO collection games were a massive hit again so he’s now added LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Jurassic World to his collection.


Game Time

One thing we are conscious of though is the amount of game time he is given. To be honest, during the week he barely gets a chance to go on it, mainly due to lack of time following full time working and school but is allowed some game time at the weekends, either following completion of his homework or as a late night treat before bedtime.

I can’t wait until he’s able to move onto the likes of FIFA or Call of Duty and my gaming days can start again.


Do you children like gaming? Have you found any other games (other than LEGO) which would be ideal for younger gamers? Let me know in the comments below.


Until next time