Family Time

The importance of switching off

Juggling a highly demanding full time job, being a part time blogger, a once small business owner as well as being my own person and whilst not forgetting a husband and father too, its ever likely I’ve experienced a few instances of stress and depression over the past 10 years. Every time though, whilst external factors have played their parts, I’ve also come to recognise that I’ve equally played a part too.

I like to think I’m the type of person who will try and ‘please’ most people, shy away from confrontation and disappointing anyone. I also think I will try my hardest and set my own ‘internal’ benchmarks (whether realistic or not). I’ve also been guilty in the past of “not saying no” and therefore struggle trying to achieve the level I set myself without the desire amount of time to do so. Secondary to that, being from a small family and having a primary support network which composes of Mrs F and Mrs F’s Dad, I’ve also learnt to build up a coping mechanism of wrapping myself up in a bubble if anything ‘goes wrong’ swallowing those feelings and coping for the sake of having to continue.

Thankfully I can sit back and say that whilst they’ll always be an element of the above in me (its what makes me me), I have also taken on board various stress and depression episodes, advice and counselling provided to me and learnt that in order to do the above, I also need to look after myself first and foremost, being able to have a healthy mind, building up that resilience and recognising when I need to switch off as well.

Things that really help me to switch off is getting away with the family and recently we took a short break to North Wales for a long weekend to celebrate H’s 7th birthday. It was a Haven holiday park, Hafan Y Mor to be more precise, we’ve been there before and the kids love it. Yes the alcohol is extortionate, there is little in the form of civilisation around it and a distinct lack of phone signal but the all of the above it what makes it for me.

Its very easy to enjoy ‘screen time’ and I’d be lying if I say I’m not heavily guilty of this at home but being able to switch off from all things social media, the news and the constant refreshing of my beloved team Leicester City, just to see if their manager had been sacked yet was such a joy. It meant I could focus on what is so important to me, my family.

We swam, we played on the 2p “tipping point” type machines, we tried to win tickets just to buy some crappy toy which a week later is pretty much defunct. We watched shows, we ate a family sharing pizza deal (even if it was over priced), we skimmed stones on the beach front and more importantly got the all important photo’s with the Seaside Squad (AKA Rory the Tiger and friends).

I’m not going to write this and not admit I went completely sober on phone use, I still used it for its camera and I still averaged around 30 minutes a day tops trying to get some kind of Leicester City news, but that compared to probably 5hrs+ a day is a massive change.

It really did make me think I (we) should try and do it more often even if its for a day a week, as there’s enough things to do without the need to slide to unlock and scout around how perfect others lives appear on social media, lets enjoy ours instead.

Yes, I recognise this doesn’t make me a “great blogger” but I’m okay with that, I wasn’t under any obligations to write or produce content, and I’ve still got photo’s and videos of all the fun we had (some of which are in this post), it just means I was enjoying our own fun rather than reading about others.

Until next time