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Star Wars Itty Bittys Range Review

Star Wars

As they say in one of the most iconic film series to ever be created…..

The Force is…. Cute and Cuddly in this one?

Well not quite but it is if you have ever seen the Itty Bitty range from Hallmark.


Itty Bittys were launched by Hallmark in 2015 and have grown to become a worldwide collectable phenomenon already with many collections becoming extremely collectable and values sky rocketing.

These 5 inch cuddly collectables come in a range of different collections such as Scooby Doo, Frozen, DC Comics, Disney Princesses and more.

The collection I was most interested in was their latest, Star Wars… Launching last month, Hallmark teams up with Lucas Films and Disney to launch the UKs first Itty Bitty Star Wars collection featuring several of the original cast members such as Yoda, R2D2, CP30 as well as, my personal favourites and extremely pleasing to see, Rey and Kylo Ren from the latest instalment.


The best thing about Itty Bittys, other than their amazingly cute as well as likeness to the characters as they are extremely well priced meaning that you don’t need to break the bank to collect them (providing you’re quick enough before they sell out) or that your little augmentin us people can save up fairly quickly in order to purchase some and build up their lovely collections, priced at only £6 each or two for £10.

Star Wars Itty Bittys

I know Mrs F also has her eyes on them as being used as accessories in both H and D’s bedrooms given their design, style and “kitchness” (is that even a word) although I suspect H will have other ideas and although D is a little too short to reach shelf level just yet, she most certainly has taken a fancy to them regularly carrying them like little babies and having fun transferring them from room to room.


We were fortunate to be sent six from the Star Wars collection, my favourite being Chewbakka. I’m now on the hunt for Rey and Kylo Ren in order to look to complete our collection but I suspect that won’t be the end of our Itty Bittys now we’ve seen them.


The Star Wars collection is currently only available in Hallmark Gold Crown stores but check out online for more information and get them whilst you can.


Until next time

Jim x


NB: We were provided with several Itty Bittys in exchange for a review, any opinions expressed remain our own.