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Standout this Fathers Day with Designer Clothing (and socks)

Standout Clothing

So not long left until the big day, I know I’m been banging on about Fathers Day for what feels like a while now but for me it is only secondary to Christmas Day. Although its a cliche that the obvious present for Dad’s is pants and socks, truth be told, I actually don’t mind pants and socks but only if they are from a premium brand such as those available at online retailer Standout.

Pants and socks are the most under rated present around, I’ve never got enough of them or the ones I do have are becoming threadbare and ‘holey’. Thats mainly as when it comes to me buying my own underwear, I tend to opt for the supermarket variety as there’s something about spending money on myself for clothes which I just can’t get my head around. The only problem with this is the quality isn’t quite there and they don’t tend to last long.


With Fathers Day approaching, Mens Designer Clothing retailer, Standout asked if I wanted to be treated to a gift box containing some Dad essential clothing items, how could I resist?

I was sent a pack of three Calvin Klein Boxer shorts, three pairs of Ralph Lauren Polo trainer socks, a Superdry T-shirt and two Farah loungewear tops. It felt really good to get some named brands to add to my wardrobe and although I confess to not being a brand name obsessive, I do really appreciate a little bit of luxury when I get presented with the opportunity. I considered taking some photo’s of wearing the boxers but unfortunately I would have needed a few more pairs of socks to make it look good… and a six pack as well 😉


Standout stock over 50 different brands from clothing, to footwear and to accessories, all for men meaning if you are mad about your brand names or are just looking for a signature piece for your summer, they are the ideal place to start off. Infact, they even have a sale on now if you are like me and still struggle to spend on yourself when it comes to clothing.

With a 30 day returns policy if you are not sure about the item, a guarantee of 100% authenticity and free delivery on overs over £24.95 what are you waiting for? Be quick though if you want to get your Dad something special for Fathers Day… that said, we are happy to receive presents after the day too 😉


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NB: I was provided with a Fathers Day gift set in exchange for mentioning Standout to my readers, all opinions are my own.