Sod the gift guide… Things a six year old really wants for Christmas!

Yes I love gift guides, I do them on here each Christmas, things like Top 10 things Dads really want, or my Random Christmas Gift Guide and even my LEGO gift guide. That said, sometimes as bloggers we can be swayed by things we have been fortunate to have reviewed during the past year, it doesn’t mean our recommendation isn’t valid as I’d personally only recommend something if I truly liked the product. It does, however, mean that there maybe are things out there we don’t appreciate as we just haven’t been hands on with them or have enough knowledge of their benefits to include.

What I have done this year though, alongside gift guides, is sat down with the kids to ask them what ‘they’ want for Christmas and complied a “What a six year old really wants” for Christmas.

Using a combination of the good old faithful Argos catalogue as well as a recent trip to Smyth’s Toy Store (no way affiliated) I’ve got a list of items H is hoping for this Christmas. I make no apologies for some of the photo’s I use in this piece as these are directly taken from H’s iPod touch, which clearly needs upgrading at some point but wasn’t on his list.


Board Games

Everyone loves board games at Christmas, whether its adults with a late night board game accompanied by a glass of wine, a family board game perfect for Christmas Day or a children focus game and H is clearly no different picking out the following

Mouse Trap

A Hasbro classic which I remember playing when I was a child, moving the mice going around the board game collecting cheeses and building the all important and fun mousetrap. RRP £17.99

Toilet Trouble

Very much loved I’m sure for its toilet humour but players take turns to spin the toilet roll which in turn tells you how many flushes to complete… be vary though, a bad flush and the toilet blocks and squirts water at you… Now if only H would learn how to flush our toilets…. RRP £17.99

Bugs in My Kitchen

H is at the ages where anything which will potentially become ammunition to scare his sister is great in his books and I suspect this is one of those. The aim of the game is to trap the bug in one of the different traps within the “kitchen” board. The game uses the HEX Nano Bugs which moves just like a real bug. The first person to trap a bug 5 times wins. RRP £22.99



You should know by now that just like his Dad, H is a mad LEGO fan and therefore its no surprise his list is heavily weighted with LEGO sets, below is a “small” selection.

LEGO City Police Station 60141 

H is a massive fan of the LEGO City range, and he has wanted this set for the past two Christmases now, thankfully its available for a lot cheaper than its RRP £84.99

LEGO Minecraft The Waterfall Base 21134 

Being a growing fan of the phenomenon that is Minecraft and being able to couple that with LEGO is a dream for H so its no surprise he’s picked out a LEGO Minecraft set… just so happens to be one of the more expensive ones though :-/ RRP £74.99

LEGO Creator Vacation Getaways 31052 

I’m really happy he’s chosen one of the LEGO Creator sets as I love these as rather than just building one thing, the creator sets allow you to build 3 different sets using the same pieces. RRP £54.99



Just like his Dad, my boy loves his tech as well as its no surprise he’s picked out a couple of computer games and consoles to be on his list.

LEGO Ninjago Game

Having recently been released on the big screen, the video game from the popular game creators TT Games has now been released and its also featuring on H’s list. He’s recently gained his love of the console and is now learning to improve his co-ordination of the control pad. All LEGO games are great at allowing this as well as problem solving skills. RRP £39.99

Nintendo Switch

I’m not sure if Santa can stretch this far however its worth noting he’s not the only person in the family who would love this for Christmas (take note Mrs F). With a mixture of portability, interactive play and what looks like a great family console system I’m sure he’s not the only child who is hoping Santa can find a money tree in the North Pole RRP £299.99

So there’s a list of what a six year old really wants for Christmas, are any of these on your child’s list or do you already have them and can let me know what they are like?


Until next time




NB: None of these have been gifted, paid for mention’s or any other influences other than adverts watched on many of the children’s channels and both the Argos catalogue and Smyth’s Toys store.