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Shopping at ease with the New Micro Scooters Micro Trike

I have a must purchase item to tell you about and it will make your trips out to shopping centres, collecting older children from school or even completing that “Big shop” at the supermarket so much easier as well as being super fun for your little one and saving so much space too.

Let me introduce you to the Micro Trike from Micro Scooters!

We have been Micro Scooter Ambassadors for a while now, with no less than H, D and I all having one. H had his first Micro Scooter when he was two which is over 3 and a half years ago now and I specifically remember at the time, both Mrs F and I wanted him to have a scooter that would not only look great, but was easy to use and would last. 3 years on and I’m sure plenty of miles later and we recently upgraded his 3 in 1 scooter to a Maxi Micro Scooter. More recently D, like H had her very own Micro Scooter (Deluxe) and not one to want to miss out, I also have the adult version too. We’re are truly a scooting family and often venture out to our local parks to have fun using them. I’ve also been known to take mine on the school run along with H and leave the car at home.


When the lovely team at Micro got in touch to ask if D would like to test out the brand new Trike made by Micro Scooter I have to admit I was a little sceptical. Having seen it, my honest first impressions was it looked a little like a golf trolley from the photo’s however given that I’m normally up for most things and the ladies at Micro was so passionate about it, I agreed to give it a try.


When the box appeared I was initially worried some parts were missing as receiving it from the delivery driver, it was incredibly light (and that was whilst it was still in the box). Once opened, the “golf trolley” fear was dispelled when I recognised the iconic well built design that Micro Scooters are renowned for. Out came a ridiculously light, collapsible Trike which is ready for use in one movement of pushing out the seat to flatten and extending the one handed push handle. I use the term “one handed” for a reason, unlike your typical pushchair, which requires you to use two hands if you don’t want to veer off, the Trike is built for one handed pushing and therefore instantly frees up the other hand for carrying bags, holding can you buy augmentin online another of your childrens hand or for even texting, although I would never encourage “Text and Triking”.


With both adjustable push handle as well as adjustable foot bar for the child, the Micro Scooter Trike is suitable for tall (and short like me) adults and children and is ready to use in seconds. D instantly took a like to it and wanted to get into test mode instantly.


Having a quick trial around the house I was instantly amazed how easy and responsive the steering was with the ability to change direction (180 degrees) within a tiny space, perfect for when out and about in busy or small stores. The closeness of the handle bar also meant D was more than comfy as rider and equally safe too. Although the trike doesn’t currently come with any form of harness, I did notice two slots in the seat which would be perfect for many third party harness straps if you did feel like you needed one.

**Update** Micro Scooters have confirmed a harness is being added to the Trike shortly**


We couldn’t wait to test it out and what better than our large shopping centre on a Saturday morning, prime shopping time. How would D fair? How would we fair? Would she want to get off after 5 minutes like children have a tendency to do? As a safety precaution we took along the pushchair as well and although it was meant as a safety measure, we were equally impressed as to how little extra space the Trike takes up if you did want to take both. The flat pack folded nature of the Trike means it easily fitted onto the back of the pushchair.

Having gone from car park to centre, we decided to get trialling and WOW, we were so impressed, even H was able to push his sister around at ease, the Trike just glides! It really is so easy to manoeuvre and D had so much fun. Fellow shoppers we complimenting us at every opportunity and saying how great it was too. We even tried it on uneven ground outside on the High Street and again had no issues with steering, safety or use.

I would really recommend checking out Micro Scooters, not only for their award winning Scooters but now for their incredible Trike too, I can’t wait to use again this weekend.


Until next time

Jim x



NB: We are Micro Scooter Ambassadors and although we were provided with a Trike for use, we were under no obligation to blog about it and all opinions are completely our own.