Sharing your Sports Selfies with Ladival #LoveSPF Rally

We’ve seen some glimpses of it, maybe even a week or two so far (us Brits are quick to forget) but as we approach the summer months, the Sun will hopefully be out more and more. Although thats music to most peoples ears, its also important to make sure we protect ourselves as well. I’ve teamed up with Sun cream provider Ladival to be one of their Ladival Sports Ambassadors for their Summer sports campaign titled #LoveSPF Rally.

produce a range of sunscreen lotions in both cream and spray form ranging from SPF15 through to 50 as well as a special kids range which is fantastic for extra sensitive skin. They are also this years official sun protectors of British Tennis and as part of this are aiming to encourage and support safer play in the sun.

Worryingly a recent study by the Teenage Cancer Trust charity found that nearly two thirds (61%) of  young people aged 13-24 avoid using sunscreen in order to gain a deeper tan. Thinking back to when I was younger, I can relate to this as the desire to gain a great tan was one of the reasons I went abroad. Looking back now, I gasp at how naive I was and that possibly any damage may have buy zithromax tablets already been done, and more recently we had our own little scare which bought things even closer to home.

nearly two thirds (61%) of  young people aged 13-24 avoid using sunscreen

Ladival are launching a great campaign from Monday 6th June titled the #LoveSPF Rally which involves a TAG like game whereby in order to raise awareness of the need to wear SPF in the sun, you simply take a selfie of yourself playing a sport and then upload via your social media tagging either Ladival’s Facebook or Twitter profile and using #LoveSPF and tagging a friend who you challenge to carry on the message.


For every selfie which is uploaded, Ladival will also donate a £1 to the Teenage Cancer Trust Charity

Its an extremely simple and easy way to get involved as well as raising both awareness and some money for a great charity too.


Here’s one of me to get the ball rolling… looking cool… obvs 😉


Look out for a competition coming soon too as Ladival and OneDadOneBlog step up the quest to make sure we are all applying sunscreen when out in the sun!


Until Next Time

Jim x


NB: I am a Ladival Sports Ambassador and as part of my role, I aim to raise awareness to the importance of applying sunscreen. All opinions and experiences are my own.