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Sands Alive Review (John Adams Toys)

I HATE sand, lets just get this out there… I can’t stand it, it gets everywhere. Don’t get me wrong I love going on holiday but I would much prefer to lounge around the pool than the beach. Who in their right mind would love sand? I mean, the moment you get wet it clings to you like dog poo on your shoe. If thats not enough, it rubs and scratches too. Then, to make matters worst you find it for weeks afterwards in things like shoes, cars, seats, everywhere.

Who loves sand though… kids! They can’t get enough of it, and they also love mixing it with water too, the main reason is in order for it to “stick”. Over the years I’ve lost track of how many times Mrs F has thought it was a good idea to get H some sand, or some fresh sand as his other is too soggy and wet but then equally moaned at the mess caused following a play session with it.

When John Adams asked if I wanted to review their Sands Alive range I have to admit to being sceptical at first… Sand that doesn’t stick? Doesn’t dry out… is mouldable, non toxic and easy to clean too . That said though it has delivered on all of these.


Sands Alive Review
We were given the Classic and the Animal sets to review with both coming complete with a plastic blue tray to keep this magic sand in as well as some moulds to help build some creations these clever sets are perfect for those winter days (and nights) where playing with sand isn’t normally possible.IMG_8231 IMG_8236

Following a successful first parents evening with H we let him help to review this (along with a later than normal bed time) in order to gain his reaction to this incredible phenomenon. First thing he said is he knew it was magic sand as he had seen it on a TV advert (well done Marketing Team) so couldn’t wait to get stuck in, emptying the sand into the plastic tray and using the different moulds to start creating his masterpieces.

Sands Alive ClassicH being 4 now was able to build the moulds with ease where previously had had struggled with normal sand to understand the need for a wetness of sand in order to ensure he could zithromax buy online build properly. With Sands Alive he never need worry about it thanks to its claim to never dry out. We also don’t need to worry about it growing mould or being toxic either which is useful with D if she is lurking around in the background. In terms of clean up, this is incredibly easy to clean up as it moulds together so well meaning any bit dropped onto the floor are gathered together simply by a quick hand sweep and being able to pick up and pop back into the tray.


One of the main issues I did have with it though is lack of instructions… being a Dad/man I don’t normally tend to look at boxes but just open them and get stuck in however as Mrs F kindly pointed out, all the information I needed was written on the back of the box thus saving on paperwork. The set could also benefit from some kind of lid to store all the sand in the plastic tray when not in use as I used a sandwich bag remembering not to seal to airtight ability to ensure it doesn’t dry out. (yes the air actually helps it to remain the right consistency.


H really enjoyed playing with Sands Alive and I have to admit I found it massively addictive too, mainly due to the fact it feels SOOOO good. Its so soft and feels really nice in your hands that you can’t stop wanting to touch it, mould it and join in. We played for a good 40 minutes before bedtime and H showed no signs of getting bored… the fact it was getting late forced us to end play but I have no doubt he’ll be looking to enjoy more #SandsAliveFun play tomorrow.


Sands Alive is out now and has several sets to choose from ranging from £14.99 to £34.99 with individual sets found on the John Adams Toys Website


Is Sands Alive on your little ones Christmas list? Are you like me and normally hate sand?

Until next time

Jim x


NB: We were provided with Sands Alive by John Adams in exchange for a product review however all opinions and words are my own and H’s.