Sands Alive Glow – No mess fun from John Adams Toys

Sands Alive Glow

Having previously admitted my hatred for sand due to its ability to get everywhere even years on in some cases, I was pleasantly surprised when I previously reviewed Sands Alive by toy maker John Adams. When I was asked if H would be interested in checking out their latest instalment, Sands Alive Glow, I admit I was sceptical as to what extra the “glow” function would bring, however I was pleasantly surprised.

For those not familiar with Sands Alive, John Adams have somehow managed to make super soft modelling sand which claims to never dry out (our previous set still works fine) as well as being mess free… well granted the latter is a pretty bold claim as its very dependant on your children and whether they are mess creators but what they do mean is unlike traditional grainy sand, this stuff doesn’t go everywhere and is not only easy to mould but is made from natural materials so doesn’t stain either.

Sands Alive Glow comes with a rather large pack of magic sand which is more than enough for the blue play tray which accompanies it. Normally when buying sets of moulding toys, you tend to only receive a minuscule amount of product in order you to have to purchase expensive extras but not with this, you could quite easily ration some of the sand and put half away or likewise if you have more than one creative little one, split it in half and they’d both have plenty to go at.


Alongside this is 5 casts to help build 3D shapes however these are quite small and I was expecting them to be bigger based on the previous models however if you are the cookery type, you could just as easily use some of your own cookie cutters to enhance the play time.

The key to this pack though is the sands ability to light up green and glow in the dark and this is thanks to its Super Charger Pen (batteries are included #ParentWin). When turned on, a purple light glows out of the pen and when zithromax online sales shone on or near to the sand, it magically begins to glow green. The longer you shine the pen on the sand, the longer the sand glows before gradually fading away to draw more shapes or patterns again.


Personally I wasn’t sure the idea of playing with sand in the dark would be attractive however having watched H play with Sands Alive Glow in the darkness of the kitchen, I can confirm that kids, well my child, loves it! Making things such as “glow chips and burger” for me as well as ice cubes, castles and spooky snakes, his imagination is running wild and he’s been enjoying playing for a good while now, alone too (#ParentWin2.  PARENTS NOTE: For fears of a bomb-site due to working in the dark, I have been regularly checking the kitchen floor but its no messy than it would be with the lights on so I’m pretty impressed (with both Sands Alive Glow and my son 😉 ).

I guess my only criticism would be that the Special charger Pen only works on the glow sand as opposed to the other Sands Alive Kits despite both sands looking identical (I know, very unscientific observation from me). Having made separate sets does mean that the original kit will most probably be rendered out of fashion for the near future as who wouldn’t want Glow Sand if offered?


The set retails around £24.99 and is available to purchase now making it an ideal Christmas present, particularly as the nights draw in early so this can be enjoyed way before bedtime. For more information of the whole Sands Alive collection, including the featured Sands Alive Glow, check out John Adams Toys now.


Do you have a dislike to traditional sand? Are anti play doh or plastercine, infact anything which can cause severe mess? If so this product is one which will allow your little people to still be creative…. just without the full scale mess and distraction afterwards


Until next time

Jim x



NB: I was provided with John Adams Sands Alive Glow in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.