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Review: Wildlife Jack

Are you fed up with your children watching the same children’s television programmes / cartoons? Have you seen Wildlife Jack yet?

Wildlife Jack is about a young explorer named Jack. Jack lives in the city so doesn’t get to see a great deal of wildlife on a day to day basis. Luckily for him his Grandpa (voiced by naturalist Chris Packham) was an explorer in his younger days and has written a book all about his adventures. When Jack and his Grandpa read the book together, it all comes to life and Jack goes off on adventures where he is able to talk to animals and learning all about wildlife.

Wildlife Jack

Each episode lasts around 7 minutes which is long enough to provide enough educational information as well as keeping your little ones focused and more importantly entertained. It is predominately aimed at 0-6 year olds as the language and explanations used are kept simple enough to understand with H (now 4) having no problems absorbing the information and then asking me follow up questions demonstrating he had learnt new things and wanted to know more. Daddy also enjoyed it too šŸ˜‰

Wildlife Jack Flying

The programme itself is made up of real life wildlife footage with a digitalised augmentin Jack superimposed into the footage. Personally this was a benefit for us as H is so used to watching cartoon type programmes, he normally complains when he sees real life footage, this helps to bridge that gap and hopefully encourage him to take note more of whats on even if its not a cartoon.

Wildlife Jack

H and I were lucky enough to be given the DVD to watch which contains five episodes and whilst we didn’t watch them all in one go, we were able to watch 3 before H’s attention wandered. Later on he asked to watch it again so we managed to watch the remaining two. Episodes included subjects such as how animals fly, the need for animals to hide for protection, animals hunting for food and much more.


It really is a great introduction to nature whilst remaining engaging and educational too.


Wildlife Jack is available in DVD and book format as well as single episodes being available from both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Stores now. For more information as well as some great fun facts visit



NB: I was sent the Wildlife Jack DVD for review purposes and all views are my own……..and H’s).