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Review: Twirlywoos Run Along Toy

We are massive fans of CBeebies in our house but I have to admit that the fact its on our television a fair amount, I often switch off from paying attention as I tend to hear the same voices all the time. So when I hear something new, I do look up and take notice. If you’ve heard the infamous “Twirlywoos sounds, you’ll know exactly which characters they belong to as well as the unique Twirlywoos Run Along walk too.

We were given one of Golden Bear Toys new Twirlywoos Run Along toys to have some fun with.

Coming in all four of the Twirlywoo family characters, Great BigHoo, Toodloo, Chickedy and Chick, the Twirlywoos Run Along Toys are priced at £19.99 each.


Each one performs its very own run along at the press of one of their where to buy augmentin online hands as well as making their cute little “twirlywoo” sounds whilst doing so.Twirlywoos


Easy to operate as well as being soft and cuddly too both D and H instantly fell in love with our very own Toodloo as well as enjoying performing their own impersonation of the run along.


It looks like Daddy enjoyed being a Twirlywoo too but we’ll save that story for another day….

Twirlywoos Run Along

Twirlywoos Run Along Toys are a must for any young Twirlywoos fan and are available in shops to buy now with more information found on Golden Bear Toy’s website


Until Next Time (Toodloo)