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Review | STM Goods Dapper Wrapper


I love tech, too much Mrs F would probably say, but I honestly don’t care, its who I am, its in my DNA and will always love having my gadgets and gizmos around me. The problem with so much tech is how to keep it safe when transporting it. I’ve previously reviewed one of my favourite ruck sacks for carrying such tech, the STM Drifter, so when STM Goods asked me if I’d like to test out their STM Dapper Wrapper, I was keen to see what it has to offer.

STM Goods specialise in protecting your electronic devices but also understands that style and functionality is just as important, so much so the bags they create, albeit are made for things like laptops, you’d be more than happy to use them without a laptop due to them being so stylist.

The STM Dapper Wrapper is different, its made for your accessories, or smaller devices, you know the ones which you tend to just pack into the smaller pockets but before you know it, cables become tangled, and all your little tech becomes like a nest, all entangled into one another. I always come to curse this when I’m in an airport and security want me to empty out my bag, queue Mrs F tutting at the mess, the passport control personnel looking at me like I’m a buffoon and me going a brighter shade of red by the second.


The STM Dapper wrapper is essentially a multi compartment handheld carry pack which contains various different sections to store your smaller things such as iPods, cables, ear buds, action cameras, USBs, SD cards and more.

You then wrap the compartments over each other and secure using the magnetic catch to ensure that not only are the nicely separated, but are also easy to access as well.


I love the STM Dapper Wrapper as when I’m stopping away, it means I can quickly pack all my bits and bobs into it and access it at ease rather than previously trying to locate them in my even bulging ruck sack.

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Coming in three different colours – Granite Black / Slate Blue / Windsor Wine and costing around £24.99 its an ideal price to gift someone without breaking the bank or if you’re like me, enjoy yourself as well. For more information, check out the amazon link now (non affiliated).


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