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Review | Star Wars Jedi Training Remote

The one good thing about being my age (I’m sure there’s more) is that I grew up both watching and playing with toys associated with the classic film franchise, Star Wars. Although I wasn’t fortunate to directly have the toys (now worth a mint), I vividly remember playing with the Millennium Falcon or AT-AT Walker and pretending I too was a Jedi Knight with make believe Lightsaber. Fast forward *cough cough* years later and both H and D are both fans of Star Wars and although they are both more interested in Darth Vader, Stormtroopers and Kylo Ren (worryingly), both were pretty impressed when I received the Star Wars Jedi Training Remote from toy makers Wow Stuff.

Training Remotes have features in no less than 3 Star Wars films, most notably though it featured in Star Wars: A New Hope where Luke begins his Jedi Training and uses one of these in order to improve his Jedi senses.

This miniature droid is powered by propellers on the top of it keeping it in the air whilst shooting out lights and fire noises, thankfully they don’t sting like in the films.

How does it fly? Well there is two modes. Mode 1 includes use of the included trigger remote which means you are in total control of its height as well as being able to choose when to fire out the (imaginary) stings. This is great for when you want to train your young Jedi and keep it random.

Mode 2 is where it is at though as once your Jedi passes their initial training, you can switch it to auto mode and really get them to use their force control to control the height of the Training Remote thanks to artificial intelligence. You are able to control its height by waving your hand, feet or any solid deflecting object below it.


The droid is powered by an internal battery which lasts around 5-6 at a time but is rechargeable using the usb cable which comes with it meaning you can easily recharge ready for your next training session. Recharge typically takes around 30 minutes which although is a little long for a 5 minute session, when in the auto mode you are really being active so a little break is well earned. The remote does take 3xAAA batteries though so make sure you have some spare. My only worry with something like this is that it doesn’t come with any replacement propellers so if these break its game over. Likewise the adapter on the USB lead doesn’t fit flush into the training droid and with little hands this could be forced resulting in a potential breakage.

We did however, have great fun as a family refreshing our Jedi skills and I’m still hopeful both children won’t choose the dark side prior to the forthcoming film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes to the cinema’s in December.


Star Wars Jedi Training Remove is available from all good toy stores (and some bad ones) and retails for around Ā£24.99 so reasonably priced for a good addition to any Christmas toy list this year.


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NB: We were provided with a sample of the Star Wars Jedi Training Remote in exchange for an honest review. All opinions remain our own.