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Skyroam Solis

Whilst more recently we’ve all pretty much benefited from mobile phone companies having to finally stop charging ridiculously high prices for the use of our phones in “most” EU countries, its still varies massively dependant on mobile provider as well as where declared “not” in the roam like home category, its like the providers are making up for lost revenue by charging extortionate prices to compensate. This is where having a Skyroam Solis can save you money if you are not quite ready to switch off when travelling.

Skyroam as a company have been around for a few years now initially introducing their v1 skyroam, a wifi access point which can operate and provide data in any country worldwide, without the need to have a contract, understand foreign mobile networks or worry bout high mobile phone bills when you return home. More recently they introduced their second version of the Skyroam, the Skyroam Solis.

This orange coin like device not only provides Wifi for up to 5 connected devices, it also doubles up as a power bank as well. With a 16+ hour battery life means you can be sure the device will last all day providing with all important 4G LTE data in over 120 countries.


The idea is simple, you just pay for day passes meaning you only pay for what you need. Once activated each day pass counts down the time allowing you to know exactly how long you have left via a simple info webpage accessible once you are connected to its WiFi network.

During our recent trip to Turkey, both Mrs F and my mobile providers didn’t support the country in its roam like home offering so this was ideal for us as well as allowing the children the ability to connect their iPads to it access point as well meant they were able to join in the data party as well. Day passes are currently around €8 a day (£7 a day) or you can buy a month pass for €80 (£70) so if you have a family wanting to use it, the value really does add up. Its also unlimited data too although it is worth noting that if you are looking to watch Netflix or steam Youtube videos, this access point won’t quite cut it as the data does throttle down to 3G after 500mb however for facebook, instagram, twitter or simply browsing the internet, you never see any difference in speed, which is great as it means I can perfect my hotdog legs without worrying about reaching any such limits.


In terms of the actual access point, you can either purchase or rent it from Skyroam so dependant on your circumstances there’s an option to suit all. As well as families, solo travellers, this is also fab for small businesses as means you can allocate to employees dependant on who’s travelling and simply add day passes as and when you need them.

Its definitely a handy device to have and even more so now it doubles up as a power bank, speeds were great, price as a family was reasonable and it meant we could avoid those all important roaming charges on our return home.


For more information on the Skyroam Solis be sure to check out their website for all the details, testimonials and more.


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NB: We were provided with a Skyroam Solis and subsequent complimentary day passes during our recent holiday in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are our own.