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Review | Quinny Zapp Flex Plus Pushchair

Quinny Zapp Flex Plus Review

Although I’ve loved watching our littles as they gain their walking boots and in turn their independence, the same thing happens each time they reach over 24 months… the need for your overpriced travel system is less apparent but only the bravest (or naive) parents would ditch a pushchair just yet so step forward the Quinny Zapp Flex Plus Pushchair.

Its worth noting that during both H and D’s first three years of entering the world, we’ve owned over 10 different pushchairs ranging from the ridiculously expensive, to the cheap fold away, from pre owned to premium so like to think I’ve experience my fair share.

“I don’t want to go in my pushchair, I want to walk”

We all know as parents that whilst we don’t want to be pushing our darling children in a pushchair / stroller / travel system, the above comment ultimately ends in one of several outcomes which equal bad news for us as parents:

  1. They decide they can no longer walk (normally after circa 5 minutes) meaning you either have to carry a heavy 2 year old / pop them on your shoulders / have a ridiculous number of breaks in order to bat it out or
  2. They proceed on causing so much damage to resulting shops or mischief that you wish you could strap them into their pushchair just to give your voice a rest
  3. They turn into sleep deprived Gremlins with nowhere to rest those tired eyes

However, personally speaking, after two years of carrying everything from the kitchen sink to a years supply of baby wipes, I feel the need to reduce any luggage footprint where possible and that also means waving goodbye to the all singing, all dancing travel system…

I’m also a bit of a pram snob too though and having had several bad experiences with “cheap and cheerful” pushchairs, I still want something which looks good, doesn’t cost the earth and also is light and easy to use…… Step forward the Quinny Zapp Flex Plus.

Having previously owned a Quinny Zapp (first edition) I  hoped that, despite their recent refresh, the same positives which blessed this pushchair previously were still at the heart of these striking colours and fabrics this time round.

Thankfully we were not disappointed as this pushchair continues to be the most lightweight yet durable, compact yet spacious and simple yet stylish pushchair there is on the market, all whilst remaining extremely competitively priced (£330).


Coming in three differing chassis designs (Zapp Xpress / Zapp Flex / Zapp Flex Plus) and over 30 different colour combinations, there is enough choice for even the most fussy parents and what’s more both the Zapp Flex (3 wheels) and Zapp Flex Plus (4 wheels) suitable from birth (with use of the new Lux Carrycot / Birth Cocoon or attachable Maxi-Cosi car seat).


We were lucky enough to be gifted with the Zapp Flex Plus in the Pink on Graphic frame and we’ve been using it for the past couple of months now as I wanted to make sure we gave you a honest opinion.

Coming out of the box, it was set up in a matter of minutes thanks to its little number of parts and comes with maxi cost adapters and a rain cover. The first thing I noticed was how lightweight the pushchair feels, being able to turn 360 degrees generic augmentin price with one finger and a mega smooth ride.


Unlike some pushchairs, the distribution of weight isn’t an issue either with older children and going up and down kerbs or steps are easy. In terms of it being compact, I would point out that although its not quite as compact as its sibling the 3 wheeled Zapp Flex, the Quinny Zapp Flex Plus still reduces pretty small and in one piece too meaning you start to gain back some of your car boot, garage or wherever else your previous pushchair was stored.



Having had the pushchair just over 3 months now, and having taken it overseas during our family holiday to Gran Canaria, the Zapp Flex Plus is still in really good condition with the only thing I would point is a few scratches on our beloved matt charcoal frame, although I suspect this will be due to being slung around an airport.

We purchased the Zapp Travel bag for our holiday meaning it was given that extra bit of protection and is pretty cheap in terms of travel bags too.

Another great point about the Quinny Zapp Flex Plus is the seat unit, as unlike many traditional compact strollers, not only can the seat unit come off and change facing positions, it also has three different seating / sleeping positions which are easily changed thanks to a simple handle. Add onto this a 5 point harness system means its both easy to secure your loved one, but more importantly, transfer them both to and from when asleep.


The hood fabric has UV protection and is extendable too thanks to a zip meaning it was easy to shade D from the sun when needed and is also water resistant too.


There are a couple of minus points I need to mention in order to be honest and open and although these didn’t really affect us, it may be a dealbreaker for you.

  1. The underneath storage is pretty small and when the seat unit is in a lie flat position, its pretty hard to take things out.
  2. The handlebar isn’t adjustable – although both Mrs F and I are in the 5ft4 club, the handlebar didn’t prove any issues
  3. The rain cover, although easy to use is a strange colour and doesn’t fit with the whole styling of the pushchair.


I would say that the Quinny Zapp Flex Plus is a fantastic pushchair both in the eyes of older parents as well as if you are looking for something more compact and still functional for younger babies too. D also loves her pushchair and that makes a difference particularly when you just want to get things done so she’s more than happy to sit in it when asked.

I want to go in my pink pushchair now, my legs are tired

With its many stylish attributes and sturdiness, I can not only see the Zapp becoming our most favoured pushchair yet, but also one that lasts for a while, eliminating that just in case issue for the time being…

The Quinny Zapp X collection is out now for ready for customising your very own… what are you waiting for…


Until next time





NB: We were provided with a Quinny Zapp Flex Plus in exchange for an honest and open review. All opinions remain our own.