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Review | Protecting my Samsung Galaxy S10 with Speck


Last week was a very exciting day in the OneDadOneBlog household, well it was for me anyway… NEW PHONE DAY! Although I love the feel of a new phone, in all its nakedness, I also appreciate that these devices we use so very…VERY much are costly to replace and therefore the moment I pre-ordered this thing of beauty, I was on the look out for a protection case which would obviously play its role of protecting my new baby, but equally didn’t take away the look of it either. I’ve previously reviewed some of the protection specialists Speck Presidio Grip range before and when they saw I was getting the latest phone from Samsung, jumped in to offer their services.


I’ve been an Apple fanboy since the Apple iPhone first came out and although I’d never get rid of my trusty Macbook over a traditional Laptop (well none I’ve tried so far have convinced me), one thing I finally did, just over 2 years ago was made the switch from iPhone to Samsung (or iOS to Android if you want to go all software geeky). Having a new phone is like Christmas to me, its one of the pinnacles of gadgets, technology and more, the reason being is the length of time in between upgrading. It feels like a lifetime waiting for upgrade day, typically two years but having to watch several new phone releases during the period is like torture.


I use Speck on majority of my devices, my Macbook, my iPad and my previous Samsung S8 so I was sure to be happy with their new S10 range.

I was gifted two cases from their Presidio range, the Presidio Grip in Eclipse Blue and the Presidio Stay Clear which is see-through. Both cases feature Specks mega protection advantages such as:


  • 3 meters (8ft) drop tested – made to withstand a fall from up to 3 meters without worrying.
  • Dual layer protection – the cases have two layers of protected shell which are moulded together meaning the case remains slim
  • Scratch resistant casing – Meaning just because its used for protecting your phone, doesn’t mean it can have its own built in protection too
  • Lifetime warranty – meaning if it becomes defect, Speck will replace it.

Of course the Samsung Galaxy S10 has the ability to both wirelessly charge and wireless charge others thanks to its Wireless Powershare function and both these cases allow you to still enjoy this without the need to remove the phone from its case.


As for my favourite, I’m not sure if I can split the two. The Presidio Stay Clear allows me to see the phone for all its glory thanks to its see through casing, which by the way promises to stay clear of any colouring, but the Presidio Grip has really nice ridges on the back meaning the phone feels firmer in your hands and the dark colour means its perfect for the Prism Black variety I chose as well.

Both cases are on sale now for £19.95  (or £24.95 for the S10+ range) and can be bought directly from Speck or other good retailers.


Have you purchased the Samsung Galaxy S10? Are you Apple or Android? Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.


Until next time