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Review: Professor Scrubbington’s Emporium of Clean

Professor Scrubbington's

We love bath times in the OneDadOneBlog house, it never used to be that way though as when H was younger he used to scream the house down as if we were trying to drown him. Thankfully, with the introduction of swimming lessons and over time he has changed completely and now would quite easily spend hours in the bath until he looked like a shrivelled prune.


Now he’s four he also enjoys being independent and will wash himself, including his hair, all whilst playing with his favourite bath toys or making cups of bubbleĀ filled tea and coffee for Mrs F and I. We have been wondering when to buy the next stage of bubble bath, soap and shampoo for H and will quite often employ the “diversion tactic” when cruising around our local Home Bargains store and H sees some cheapish looking cartoon based shampoo, mainly due to the fact we have no idea whats in them and worry about the impact of them on his skin. That said, we can’t use the baby products on him forever… So where do you go?


Recently I had an email from the lovely Emma at Scrubbingtons. Professor Scrubbington’s is a new product to the market which came about for these very reasons, so when we were offered the chance to review their collection we jumped at it. Coming packed in a suitcase themed box, we couldn’t wait to get stuck into this one… after H insisted we all played (and pretty relevant) moving house with the help of the said suitcase box first.


Professor Scrubbington’s is aimed at young, growing children who want to take control of their own ablutions (washing themselves). Its created using natural ingredients which are kind to your skin as well as the planet. The great thing about them though is that upon squeezing out the product, it instantly comes out as foam (which sticks to your hand) meaning gone are the days when H could easily waste a litre of body wash in one bath sitting. Each bottle has a built in dispenser too meaning upon each squeeze generic augmentin (which can be done using one hand – handy šŸ˜‰ ) is the right amount of product to use, helping to ensure no wastage.

Professor Scrubbingtons

Currently Professor Scrubbington’s comes in 5 different products:

  • HairĀ & Body Wash
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hand & Face Wash
  • Roll On Deodorant


Each one is filled with foaming properties (minus the roll on obviously) but they all bare a lovely aloe vera smell leaving our little boy (and me at times) fresh and smelling gorgeous. His skin doesn’t look or feel dry either like some.


We found the Hair & Body wash was great for his swimming bag meaning we didn’t have to consider taking separate products. The Hand & Face wash is a great additional to the bathroom sink, again combining two tasks in one. Due to him not venturing into pubescent times, the roll one wasn’t really suitable for him however I can confirm, in true reviewer fashion, I have tried this and it leaves a Aloe vera smell around for a few hours at least. More importantly H found the product fun and intuitive especially given the foam which comes out, he wasn’t put off by the smell and didn’t bother when washing his hair.



Individual bottles are currently retailing for Ā£5 as well as the full set mentioned above coming in at a very reasonable Ā£20. At first glance this may seem a high price, particularly if buying individuals however I would say that we have had the Scrubbington’s collection for a couple of weeks now and they are showing no sign of running out. I suspect this goes back to the ingenious dispenser system and the foam output meaning wastage is really kept to a minimum…. that is of course providing Dad doesn’t steal it in place of them flowery perfumed products Mrs F buys for us… šŸ˜‰


For more information about Professor Scrubbington’s as well as where and how to buy, visit their website at http://www.scrubbingtons.comĀ or give them a follow on Facebook and Twitter, they’re lovely people šŸ™‚



NB: I was sent a set of the Professor Scrubbington’s collection for a full and honest review and these opinions are my own.