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Review: Nursing Pillow (Original)

Pregnancy Pillow Nursing Pillow

I have previously documented the journey Mrs F and I have been on with regards to breastfeeding D and the differences I felt in terms of feeling a little lost when D was born and not sharing the feeds like I did with H. As time has gone on though we have now switched to combination of breast and bottle.

One thing I did forget since my time bottle feeding H first time round was how much of an uncomfortable clump I was when doing it…. ridged, fidgety as well as the aches that set in when battling with what feels like a lump of lead who obviously prefers her mums breast.

Pregnancy Pillow

When I was approached by to give my opinion on a nursing pillow, despite being extremely pleased they wanted more “daddy opinions” (something which lacks a little in the industry) I was a little sceptical, I mean, I know I have “moobs” but I’d only ever seen them (the pillows) as good aids for breastfeeding and also Mrs F already has one. Having looked at their website, I was drawn in to the promise of “soft fabrics” and “lavender aroma’s” and the photo’s on the website also showed babies using them as tummy time aids and sit me up’s (I love multi purpose, it saves money and with the Apple watch just launched, I need more funds for this). stock various pregnancy related and nursing pillows, of which some even help with other conditions such as Fibromyalgia of which Mrs F suffers so its worth a look even if its too late for nursing ones. I was sent one of their Original Nursing Pillows in Purple which normally retails for £20 plus free delivery. This is part of three nursing pillow variations they stock with their premium one only costing an extra £5 more.

Pregnancy Pillow Nursing Pillow

First impressions of the pillow was how great the memory foam like filling was which felt both firm enough ensure a good posture for baby but also it seemed to mould to both myself and D and felt… extremely comfy!? Their Sensifil filling is not only free from any hazardous chemicals as you’d expect but also anti-allergenic and anti-asthmatic. The outer cover was super soft, augmentin tablets almost a mix between velvet and silk and really felt like a premium product, despite the price tag being extremely competitive. I could also smell the faint smell of lavender… not too much that it knocks you for six and makes you feel sick but just enough for a subtle relaxing smell.

In terms of the real test, I was set to feed the little wriggler…. I’m pleased to say it was a fantastic aid and rather than changing position every 10 seconds in order to gain some kind of comfort or to stop D from dropping, I was and now am able to sit there, relaxed and enjoy and share the intimate feeling of feeding my little princess.

Pregnancy Pillow

I have also been asked by Mrs F to comment on how great it is from her point of view and works great as a breastfeeding pillow too, being both at the right height and support consistency for her when breastfeeding D.


As also suggested by the photo’s on the website, the cushion makes a great “sit me up” aid as despite D recently learning how to army crawl, she has still let to master the art of sitting up unaided for long periods. The nursing pillow not only fits around her snuggly, keeping her secure, it also doubles up as a shield should she choose to suddenly face plant to the carpet floor.

Pregnancy Pillow

I am really impressed with the pillow despite my initial reservations about it being not really “Daddy” material, my only disappointment was I wished I had chosen a more “daddy” friendly colour such as one of the 6 others they do, this way once we had finished with it for D, I could use it for myself as it also makes a great snuggly pillow for parents and it appears H too 🙂

For more information on the pillow reviewed above or others which are stocked, visit or why not stop and say hello if you’re planning on attending the forthcoming Baby Show at the NEC between the 15-17 May, they’ll be at stand C11.



NB: I was sent a nursing pillow free of charge to review however all opinions above of my honest views.