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Review: PenWizard Personalised Childrens Books

Reading with H is massively important in our house, whether it be a story during the day or the nightly ritual of a bedtime story, following pre bedtime teeth brushing and a toilet visit (for H of course). He absolutely loves stories, be it one of his favourite Julia Donaldson books, his ladybird collection or any others which take his fancy. Some of the things he loves are listening to Mummy or Daddy making voices, dissecting the pictures or asking us to change the characters names to that of his friends, making the stories come even more to life.


When PenWizard asked if we’d like to review one of their fantastic range of personalised childrens books, Mrs F and I were so excited, as we knew that this was a review for H (as well as being another chance for Mummy or Daddy to perfect our expanding character voices).


The first task was to pick out one of PenWizards many different personalis-able titles. They have a great variety ranging from well known programmes such as Peppa Pig, Ben & Holly and In The Night Garden through to classics like princesses, footballers and wizards. The one that both Mrs F and I agreed on though was the ‘Lost My Name’ book.


I remember seeing ‘Lost My Name’ on Dragons Den a while ago now and thinking at the time it was something which I had intended on getting H, however just never got around to it. Ordering the book through PenWizard was extremely easy. Following making your decision for which book you wish to have, the next option is to customise it. Customisable features differ from book to book with some (such as the Peppa books) having the ability to customise a character to look similar to your child, whilst others are simply just adding your child’s name into the book. You also have the opportunity to have a personalised message placed into the book at the front. We did this as we wanted it to remain special to H in years to come.


Once this has all been completed, PenWizard create a live proofing of the book for you to view and to make sure you are completely happy with your book buy zithromax mastercard prior to creation. Once you’re happy you simply ‘add to cart’ and complete the payment process.


Less than 5 days later, H’s personalised book was delivered in a sturdy cardboard protective packaging meaning it didn’t arrive in anything less than perfect condition…. H also used the packaging as a make believe sledge in the living room following our recent snowfall.

The first thing you notice about the book itself is that its incredibly well made. The paper feels almost cardboard quality thickness meaning that the book is made to last. The personalised message is well featured and free from clutter. In some books we have had which offer personalised messages, you tend to find them chucked in between cunning marketing messages but not this one.


I also found it great how within the delivery was a small guide as to how to make reading with your little ones entertaining. Its only a two pager and is extremely simple but does make you think and hopefully helps those who may struggle when making stories come to life.

PenWizard 2

The book is a fantastic read all about a boy (or girl, depending on how you personalise) who loses his name and goes in search of helping various characters and in reward they provide him with a letter. At the end the letters produce your child’s name. H absolutely loves it and having only had it 3 days, we have read it every night so far?! H has also increased his learning through the book as some of the characters aren’t your average types of animals, our one includes Aardvarks and Squids.

PenWizard 4

I would urge all parents to purchase a personalised book and watch as your child gets engrossed in the magic of seeing a book all about themselves. We are definitely looking at getting D a Lost My Name book too for when we start bed time reading with her.


For more information about the personalised childrens books which PenWizard offer, visit their website at


NB: This review was written by myself and is an honest review of my experience both ordering from Penwizrd as well as the product order. The personalised book was provided by the team at PenWizard to keep in exchange for a review of my experience.