Review | Neff Electric Double Oven U1ACE5HN0B

Having an oven which cooks is one thing, but having one which cooks fast, looks good and has an array of additional features is what every family needs. Step forward the Neff Electric Double Oven U1ACE5HN0B.

Since we moved into our first family home just under 3 years ago, we were fortunate enough that the house only required minimal decorating; things such as painting, a couple of carpets replacing and accessorising. That said, both our kitchen and bathroom’s are beginning to show signs of age and I’m sure I’ll be batting off one of them being majorly overhauled in the next 12 months. Bathrooms are not too bad, but the kitchen has several integrated appliances which are beginning to give in. We recently replaced our hob but lately the double oven has been resetting itself meaning that the oven temperature would revert back to its lowest without us knowing, highly annoying when you come to check on your prized roast dinner and realise you now need to add another 30 minutes on the end due to this.

Having the Neff Electric Double Oven U1ACE5HN0B is like a breath of fresh air, it heats up incredibly quick and reaches its required temperature in no time, in fact it even has its own dedicated rapid heat function for those who really can’t wait long (we haven’t needed to use this so far given how quick it heats anyway) and retains the heat too. This latter bit is really refreshing as it means that food cooks so much better, oven rings and chips come out crispy on the outside, soft on the in (rather than a soggy type mess), roasts come out golden on the outside and juicy in the middle and the cooking time really has improved too.

The oven doesn’t require any expensive cleaning products either thanks to its ceramic interior which absorbs grease and allows the cooking process to oxidise the remaining splats meaning its wipe clean and doesn’t smell greasy. If you really do want to clean it though, both the top and bottom cavities have dedicated cleaning functions which involves popping some soapy water on the bottom of the ovens and the function will heat up the water and vaporise it into the atmosphere meaning following its completion, the sides are really easy to wipe down and leave shining.

Elsewhere the 70l main cavity has functions such as pizza oven settings, slow roasting, bottom up baking and something Neff call CircoTherm Technology which means hot air is fanned around the oven using special vents and rather than just blowing it around inside, it gets distributed in a circular motion meaning if you were cooking more than one food, flavours wouldn’t get mixed between them, perfect for cooking an apple pie alongside your main dinner.


One thing I really love is the telescopic sliding shelf which is in the main cavity. This means when you want to check on something, rather than take it all the way out of the oven, you just simply slide the shelf out, perform your check and slide it back in again, saving both time and stopping too much heat from escaping from the oven.

The oven is hardwired so will require something (ideally an electrician) with electrical knowledge… luckily for me I had my trusty father in law. Its also really heavy too so unless you are a super human, it’ll need two people to lift and install.


I wasn’t too keen on having to use one of the three shelves provided for the grill tray as it means when its in the top oven/grill, I’m only left with two shelves in the main cavity, that and the grill tray also doesn’t come with a handle either so I’ve been having to use a triple wrapped tea towel in substitution for lack of oven gloves.

The overall look is fantastic, with a glossy black and matt stainless steel handles. The operating buttons are easy to use and push in when not in use really given that minimal look. There’s also a countdown timer and child lock function although I have been unable to figure out how to operate the latter to date (make of that what you will).


I’m really impressed with the Neff Electric Double Oven U1ACE5HN0B and can’t wait to get baking and cooking with my new oven. If you want more information on the above oven or the single oven version (NEFF B1ACE4HN0B Built In Electric Single Oven) then check out the above links now.


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NB: I was provided with the Neff Electric Double Oven U1ACE5HN0B from in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.