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Review: Morrison’s Decorate Your Own Gingerbread Eggs

Gingerbread Eggs

With Easter fast approaching and some already enjoying half term (thats the kids, not the parents) its only right I do an Easter themed review.


H is always looking to do something creative, whether that be the usual Lego / Playmobil / imaginative play or most recently baking cakes. Given that we had already got a supply of cakes he had cooked up the previous day, I thought we’d try his decorating skills with these Gingerbread eggs.

gingerbread Eggs

Available from Morrison’s and only retailing for £1.49 which includes sprinkles and some icing this little creative session doesn’t have to cost the earth. We did already have some coloured icing in the cupboard though so when added to the included materials, H was ready to get started.


There were four eggs to decorate, each of them easily break into two thanks to the scored cracked egg effect through the middle of them, ideal if you have more than one budding Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry.

Gingerbread eggs

I was pretty augmentin 500mg much able to let him get on with it from start to finish and just “supervise” which H loved as it meant he was in control and the boss. I did help him with some of the icing as we made one for Mrs F (We love you), one for D, soon to be devoured by Daddy as she’s too young 😉 one for H and one for his Grandad (pops), I thought it really helped with his control skills too.


The sprinkles were a little messy but its all part of the fun and with OCD daddy on hand with my favoured Dyson Cordless, I was quickly able to hoover up the little balls as they continued to scatter the kitchen floor.


H had great fun and I think the finished articles are fab, they also tasted good too. All in all, a great cheap activity to do with your children before you start climbing the walls during the Easter holidays.

Gingerbread eggs