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Review | LEGO Nexo Knights Jestros Headquarters 70352

With Spring now here we can start to look forward to several things, better weather (hopefully), longer days (well daylight hours anyways) and more LEGO sets arriving… okay to the latter one is probably not necessarily factual but I do have another new set to review and its the LEGO Nexo Knights Jestros Headquarters 70352.

For those not familiar with the NEXO Knights range, check out my previous NEXO Knights review which I go into a bit more detail but essentially its based upon five rookie knights learning how to be brave and fearless with the help and guidance of their digital wizard master Merlok 2.0. When they combine their NEXO powers they can create magical things which help to defeat Jestro, the not bad but equally not good guy (I like LEGO’s attempt to no frighten the younger fans here) and his team of monsters.

With several new sets arriving this spring, we were lucky enough to be given the top billing to review in the form of Jestros Headquarters (RRP £84.99).


The premise of the set is to help NEXO Knights Macy and Lance stage a daring rescue of poor Ava from Jestro’s cage, located on his mega truck stone built headquarters. I call it a mega truck as its made up of two pretty large detachable sections, the main unit with hidden hovercraft type flying machine labelled the Hatattacka, as well as the detachable Stone Keep trailer, named thanks to its featured cage which is keeping Ava captive. Jestros Headquarters also comes with two smaller vehicles, a Stone (speed) boat and Stone (see where the theme is going here) Wheeler.

Minifigures wise on the villeins side you are given the main jester himself, Jestro, a gargoyle and Stone Stomper, as well as Brickster and Monstrox (although technically not mini figures, are still key characters in the series.

The NEXO Knights come with the “Princess with a punch” Macy and her underminer vehicle as well as Lance and his trusty….. er Lance weapon. As you’d expect with the NECO Knights, they both come complete with shields and five “scannable” shields….. scannable you say? Yup, NEXO Knights also has a wrath of games and activities on the LEGO mini site as well as an App which when downloaded allows you to scan different shields together to create differing magic combinations and fun.


I love how the NEXO knight range has a digital element to it as well as being LEGO too, it really shows some of the exciting things to come with LEGO.


The set comes in at 840 pieces and did take me around 2 hours to build, that said I was filming it (or so I thought) only to find my battery had died on me ages ago so unfortunately so speed build with this one. Altogether the two main units together measure around 33cm long, 14cm high and 22cm wide so as I said earlier, a pretty sizeable unit. It is a lot of money price wise but I think this is genuinely justified given the fact you get 2/3 large units, 3 smaller units and 8 characters.

We are really glad we have some villeins to battle against our previous NEXO Knights Fox’s Aero-Striker V2 and Macy’s Thunder Mace so now can let the battles commence.


I would really urge you to check out the NEXO Knights range but also the LEGO minisite which contains fun and games for your own little knights as well as the app if you have some sets to really bring the NEXO Knights out.


Until next time

Jim x



NB: The product was provided by LEGO GmbH without any obligation in regards to the content of the review and all opinions expressed are my own.