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Review: LEGO Mixels – Series 4

As I’ve blogged about several times, H and I love nothing more than to enjoy a good session of Lego on a Sunday afternoon and now we have moved into our new house, we can do so in plenty of space way from the inquisitive hands (and mouth) of D.

Following on from our recent Simpson’s Minifigures review, we were asked to take a look at the Lego Mixels collection, series 4 to be precise and share our thoughts.

Lego Mixels Series 4

For those that aren’t aware Mixels are small alien like creatures which can combine together to create a larger creature. They are made up of different tribes, all which are distinguished by their own colour scheme and can combine in three different stages to make different forms.

  1. Mix – Two mixels (from the same tribe)
  2. Max – Three Mixels (from the same tribe)
  3. Murp – When a mix goes wrong…

In fact, these little creatures have their own series which can be viewed on Cartoon Network for those that want to see them brought to life in a comedy / fun series.

Lego Mixels Series 4

We were given three complete tribes (series 4) to construct and review:

  • Orbitons – Green astronaut-esk funnies
  • Infernites – Red fiery creatures
  • Glowkies – Blue insect type creatures which have glow in the dark features

Lego Mixels Series 4

We (or H) wasted no time in getting stuck in and each pack comes with an easy to follow construction guide which shows you how to create your Mixel as well as how to create your “Max-Mixel” should you have all three Mixels from the same tribe. In terms of making a “Murp”, well thats up to your own imaginations…. ūüôā

Lego Mixels Series 4

Its worth noting that there are a couple of pieces which are left over from making your Mixel which at first glance may seem like you have built it incorrectly or missed something out, fear not as these pieces will be used when making your Max-Mixel. I would have liked to have seen every piece used on the Mixel as well as the Max-Mixel as it ensures that if you wanted to just create Mixel’s you don’t have to worry about losing the extra 3-4 pieces left over.

Lego Mixel Series 4

In terms of the looks of the Mixels, they are fantastic and fit into the palms of your hands still having moving parts to help with the imaginative play aspect which we love when we play Lego together. Each Lego Mixel took us around 10 minutes to completely build and that was with H being the “piece finder” and me being the “builder”.

Glowkies Mixels

I also love the fact that when you collect a whole tribe, you can create a Max Mixel, or simply use your imagination to create a Murp if you have a couple of Mixels from different Tribes, it really does maximise the use of these little sets.

Mixel Max Glowkies

They¬†are fantastically priced at only ¬£3 a Mixel and I think are a great product for a reward as well as being an alternative to the buying the usual sweets or chocolates or other rubbish which doesn’t last. Its also an easy way to build up your child’s lego collection with some different pieces you wouldn’t normally find in your typical build sets.

Lego Mixels are now on Series 5 but you cans till get your hands on other series from various toy retailers.


We can’t wait to incorporate these little critters into our Sunday afternoon Lego play and can’t wait to see what other Murp’s we can build.





NB: We were kindly sent series 4 of Lego Mixels for review purposes but all opinions provided are my own and not influenced in any way.