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Review: LEGO Minifigures Simpsons Series 2

If anyone thinks back to their childhood and specifically toys which they played with, I dare anyone not to mention the all time classic Lego. I fondly remember Sunday’s which was spent with my friends and family, tipping out enough Lego to fill the living room floor and proceeding to use our imagination to build anything ranging from houses through to castles, dragons and Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon.


Cue twenty *cough* years on and over the past year I’ve been able to introduce H to the same ritual as I enjoyed as a child as we moved on from the big Duplo Lego onto the smaller Lego. We love spending time together having fun building and scouring our collection for a 2×1, a headlight, window frames and the such like.


When we were asked if we would like to help review some of the new Lego minifigures Simpsons series 2, it was like our Christmas had come early. I couldn’t wait to tell H and he too was so excited, especially when 16 packets turned up at OneDadOneBlog HQ.

Lego Simpsons Mini Figures


The Simpsons Lego Minifigures are now in their second series with 16 characters to collect again. This time round though there are new outfits as well as some new additions such as Edna Krabappel or sisters Paddy and Selma to the collection with the added benefit of Santa’s Little Helper and Snowball (Dog and Cat) should you strike gold and manage to get Maggie or Lisa Simpson. My personal fave’s have to be Bartman, due to the fact it was my first ever record I bought as a child and I still know all the words off the top of my head and Gameskeeper Willie and his plunger.

H LegoLego


Each pack is sealed which really helps to add to the suspense of which buy cheap zithromax Character you are going to get. H and I had great fun guessing with each other what our next one would be and then cheering when we got it right. To aid this, inside each pack comes a tick sheet containing all 16 characters to collect.

Lego Minifigures Series 2 The Simpsons


In terms of the 16 provided, we did fantastically well and managed to get 11 out of the 16 available so if anyones missing a Bartman, Comic book guy, Patty or Marge get in touch as we can’t wait to swap them… failing that I know we’ll be attempting to try our luck and get some more by the weekend.

lego minifigures simpsons minifigures series 2


Despite being suitable for 5 years +, H was more than able to fix the characters together, only struggling with the fantastically detailed additional items such as Marge’s flowers, handbag and scarf or Hans Moleman’s void Drivers licence. Each figure is really beautifully made and so detailed, even if your not a massive Simpson’s fan, these are a great addition to your Lego collection or as a display on your desk.

Lego Minifigures Simpsons Series 2Lego Minifigures Simpsons Series 2


The Lego Minifigures Simpsons series 2 only retail for £2.49 each so won’t break the bank and are available to buy now from all good Lego / toy retailers. For more details and to see some close ups of each character, visit


Thank you Lego for giving H and I the opportunity to review these fantastic mini figures, H wants us to build the Simpsons house now although I have warned him it might not look like the official one…. now, where are those windows…


NB: I was given 16 sets of Lego Minifigures Simpsons Series 2 in exchange for an honest review however all opinions expressed are my own (and H’s).