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Review: LEGO Jurassic World 75916 Dilophosaurus Ambush set

Lego Jurassic World

I couldn’t believe it when I was sat with H on Sunday afternoon watching the classic that is Jurassic Park on TV, only to find it was actually over 20 years ago since it was released.  I must have been all of *coughs* 10 when it was released, using my imagination playing with Lego and growing up too fast. Fast forward those 20 years and I guess its now role reversal with H growing up far too fast and developing a love of Lego.

So when one of the new Lego Jurassic World 75916 Dilophosaurus Ambush set turned up at our new house early this week, H immediately made the connection between the film he had watched with Daddy at the weekend and the iconic Lego logo on the box. Cue…. a VERY VERY excited dad child 🙂

Lego Jurassic World

The set is aimed at 6-12 year olds which is obviously older than H but as suggested previously, he is more than capable at following the simple instructions Lego provide as well as being an extremely adequate “sorter” while Daddy’s creative skills get cracking.

This set has 248 pieces so is a sizeable collection and did take us a over an hour to construct, I’m sure it will take older children and adults alike less time however our sorter works at his own pace 🙂

Lego Jurassic World

The set is split into two parts which is great if you didn’t want to or didn’t have time to complete it all in one go, each part’s pieces are sealed in a packet as well as having its own instruction book. It may be that you have more than one eager Lego / Dinosaur enthusiast in your family and you could also choose to set them off with there own sections too.

Lego JW

The Dilophosaurus is incredibly easy to make with just a couple of pieces to it so H got stuck straight in  and created the Dinosaur as well as the two Lego characters , Gray and an Acu trooper too meaning he could generic zithromax online cheap play with these quickly should his attention span fade. I didn’t need to worry about this though as throughout the build, he excitement built given he was able to refer to the box and compare our creation at any point.

Lego JW

I must say the finished product is fantastic, creating a replica Jurassic World 4×4 car with built in winch which H thought would be great to wrap around the dinosaur as well as a runaway gyro sphere which  again amazed H due to the fact that Gray stays up right all the time whilst it careers across the kitchen floor, through the dinning room and into the living room.  The ACU trooper also comes with Binoculars, weapons and a chicken leg to feed the dinosaur with all to help aid with the all important imaginative play which we love with Lego. The Dilophosaurus has moving arms / leg as well as the all important mouth for chomping on the chicken leg included. We also had Gray riding on top of the dinosaur thanks to a 2×2 piece on top of it which allows for you to do this.

There are as ever some little pieces in the collection so it goes without saying not to play and create near little ones, nor a thick rug for that matter as it takes ages to find them (experience speaking there).

Jurassic World

The set RRPs for around £29.99 and is available now in time for the film although I’m sure both all become classics for time to come. For more details of the other Lego Jurassic World collections available, visit their minisite now.


We’re off to see if the Mixels can help save Gray from the Dilophosaurus or do they need some help from Bart Simpson and the clang too…. you have gotta love Lego.


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NB: I was sent the Lego Jurassic World 75916 Dilophosaurus Ambush set for review purposes but all options remain my own (and H’s of course:-) )