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Review | LEGO City Jungle Halftrack Mission

Having recently bought you the news that LEGO had teamed up with National Geographic for Kids and awesome explorer Andres Ruzo I also promised you a review of one of their latest sets, the LEGO City Jungle Halftrack Mission to be precise.

LEGO have released now fewer than seven sets within the LEGO City Jungle range adding Jungle to the already popular and growing LEGO City range. The Halftrack Mission set is one of their mid priced range sets coming in at around £24.99. For that though you do get 2 vehicles, 2 mini figures, 2 animals and a further small scene containing a crystal (not a real one though obvs) so it is pretty good value.

Coming in at 378 pieces the set is also made up of three booklets which as a parent I was really happy to see as book translated into its own build rather than so of the sets which are half builds. This meant that if there was one than one LEGO / master builder in the house, the set could be build simultaneously with book 1 being the ATV (small vehicle), book 2 being the larger Halftrack mission vehicle and book 3 being the temple.


Clearly with both of us being avid LEGO fans, we ‘agreed’ (with a bit of persuasion) to both build and I took on the ATV while H set off to work on the Halftrack.

The ATV is a smaller and more simpler vehicle which comes complete with removable crate to store some of the accessories which come with the set such as a camera, metal detector and walkie talkie. I’d say the ATV took me around 15 minutes to build.


Whilst H was still buy azithromycin 500 mg cracking on with the larger halftrack, I then set off building the temple scene which comes with built in trap, releasing a venomous red spider to protect the crystal form the explorers. Again, being a smaller scene this took me around 15 minutes again by which point H has also completed the halftrack mission vehicle.

The LEGO City Jungle Halftrack mission vehicle is the largest out of the three sets and have some rather cool tracks on its back wheels, something which H hadn’t experienced before with previous LEGO builds so whilst he was extremely excited, he did need a little help on this element of the build be easily managed to work his 6 year old magic on the rest of it with ease.


H really loves the LEGO City collection and I think that its become many of the sets are easy to relate to everyday life and therefore understanding them and allowing his imagination to run wild with his collection so far.


He was also very interested in one of the animals which comes with the set, a LEGO Panther so quickly jumped onto the tablet and googled its habitat before asking if we could make use of the lovely day and take the set into the garden for some real shots. Just like in real life, its difficult to spot the Panther as it camouflages well into the surroundings.


A really good build which H was able to confidently build and also left him asking some good educational questions alongside it too.

For more information on this and the other sets available in the LEGO City Jungle range, check out the LEGO City mini site here.


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