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Review: LEGO City Deep Sea Helicopter 60093

Recently, in case you haven’t noticed, we have officially become part of the Lego Family Blogger team following on from our recent Lego reviews. You may also have seen a nice new shiny badge down the sidebar as well as a menu option for all you Lego fans *Does a little dance*.  This week I got the chance to review the Lego City Deep Sea range, in particular the Lego City Deep Sea Helicopter 60093 as well as the Lego City Deep Sea Starter Set.

Given this comes in at 388 pieces (our largest Lego review yet), and that it is aimed at 7 years+, I decided to undertake the review myself in this case. I know what you’re thinking…. big kid I wish I could do that. After H and D were safely tucked up in bed, I undertook this challenge of building both the under water explorer and the main event, a rescue Helicopter.

Lego City

Inside the box there are 3 bags, instruction booklets for each bag as well as a small amount of stickers which will be added to your builds along the way.






Pack 1 contains all you need to make the underwater explorer as well as two Lego figures, a shark and some treasure. I found this section fairly easy to build and would have been suitable for H to have helped me with given that the number of pieces for this part wasn’t far off the previous builds we had completed together. I must admit to feeling a tad bit guilty about going solo on this one but this soon passed as the build continued and I came closer to building the Helicopter. 🙂

Lego City Deep Sea Helicopter

The undersea explorer is bigger than I thought having seen it on the box, its around the size of your palm and the front bubble screen allows easy access to your buy augmentin antibiotic Lego figure when taking them in or out of it. The first build took around 25 minutes to construct on my own so it would be worth probably doubling that if you have an under 5 year old.

Deep Sea Helicopter

The Deep Sea Helicopter comes in two packs and these are separated by their respective build booklets. The Helicopter is incredibly detailed and the first part concentrates on the underside of the helicopter which includes a working winch which is used to lift up the underwater explorer when playing.

Lego Lego City Deep Sea Helicopter

The second part focuses on the windows and the rotary blades on the top. There are also two opening side doors to load and unload the chopper of the treasures as well as a back door which comes down to allow you to add any extras found when trawling those deep seas on your adventures.

Lego City

Overall the Helicopter took around 45 minutes to build and is roughly the length of an iPad as well as being a good sturdy build meaning that even the littiest hands (D) can’t create too much damage if she happened to get her inquisitive paws on it.



Although the build is a little bit too advanced for H, the playability is more than suitable so I would happily buy those Lego sets which are aimed at over his age range as it means I get the fab job of building them whilst H and I still get to include the completed builds in our Lego playing time.


The Lego City Deep Sea Helicopter 60093 is available to purchase now and retails for an extremely reasonable price of just £24.99.


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NB: As part of us being in the Lego Family Blogger team, we are sent Lego sets to keep in exchange for an honest review. All opinions remain that of H and I.