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Review: LEGO Ant-Man Final Battle 76039

Lego Ant Man

Over the past 6 months H has become a massive fan of superheroes and in particular the Marvel characters. He loves the Avengers and has a collection of the figures as well as some rather cool Hulk giant hands and a Captain America shield which we regularly used to rumble (don’t panic Social services, he are just playing).

One of the things we had been considering is adding some of Lego’s latest “Marvel Super Heroes” to his already varied Lego / SuperHero collection. When our friends at Lego asked if we wanted to review one of their sets it was an easy answer. 🙂


We were sent the Lego Ant-Man Final Battle 76039 set which, whilst I like to think I’m pretty clued up with most superheroes, I had to admit I hadn’t heard of Ant-Man before. That didn’t matter to H who upon seeing the box, immediately noticed the Marvel logo alongside his favourite Lego sign and couldn’t wait to open the box and begin exploring and building.


The set is aimed at 6-12 year olds which is about spot on at there are quite a few tiny pieces however under Dad supervision, H is fine and has never been the type to pop things into his mouth, up his nose etc. The set is made up of 195 pieces (split between two packs) and once created is a giant flying ant complete with wings, YellowJacket, the star man himself Ant-Man and of course a couple of smaller ants, some weapons as well as a catapult and jumper (not the woolly type).

Lego AntMan


The pack also came with a mini Marvel comic which was a nice touch to help provide some imagination for your playing once the build is complete.

AntMan Lego


As you’d expect with all Lego products, the instructions are extremely pictorial and easy to follow regardless of age so we got to it straight the way.Lego AntMan


Part one involves buy amoxicillin online building the less complex AntMan and YellowJacket along with a catapult and took us around 10-15 minutes to build together. One of the parts H enjoyed was the jumper which comes with it for AntMan to perform jumps. It works simply by pushing down with your finger and letting go flipping AntMan into the air.

AntMan AntMan

YellowJacket also has little rocket launchers built into him however given H’s age and the fact we have little D likely to be roaming around after we had finished, I decided not to show him these, I’m sure he’ll find them in his own accord but for now they (and we) are safe…


Part 1 Complete


The second part involved building the giant flying Ant which was a lot more complicated to build, I sense H knew this too as he took the time to have a biscuit break whilst I dived in to create this complex animal (excuse the concentration face 😉 ).



The finished Ant took around 20-30 minutes to complete and is really amazing, with so much detail put into it, from the giant wings, through to the two piece body and movable legsLego AntMan


Following the build, H went straight off to research AntMan before embarking on a mini fight between Good and Evil…Daddy vs H… AntMan vs YellowJacket… as always Good wins Harrison wins… at least until he can start taking losing gracefully without a global meltdown 😉


Lego Ant-Man Final Battle is available to purchase now along with several other Lego Marvel SuperHero series. Lego Ant-Man retails for around £19.99 and more details can be found on Lego’s Superheroes Mini site.


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NB: We are part of the Lego Family Blogger team and regularly review Lego products. All opinions are that of mine and H’s and in no way influenced by Lego.