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Review: Jam Transit Bluetooth Headphones

I have had my eyes on a new set of headphones for some time now however justifying the heavy price some of the well known brands charge is something which I wasn’t keen to do… Jam are changing that perception.


Jam’s Transit Bluetooth Headphones come pre charged, meaning that unlike other wireless headphones, these can be used straight out of their plastic moulded casing. Offering a massive 11 hour use, you won’t be needing to charge these up after every use… unless your a teenager who prefers to listen to them all days rather than anyone else.


Coming in a choice of three colours (Black, Red or White) these block colours mean that, along with the matte texture, the headphones themselves look stylish, which, if your like me, something which isn’t too wild means these blend right in and don’t place more attention on my already overly rounded head.


I have used many different headphones / earphones over time which leave your ear’s feeling achy and bruised. With several adjustable settings, the Transit’s fit and conform to all head sizes and also feel comfortable which is just as important as the sound.


In terms of sound, Jam Transit’s easily deliver on this thanks to their ‘precision drivers for superior bass’. Having quite an eclectic collection of songs on my phone, the Jam’s handle all types extremely well from heavy bass line sounds, to those with low frequencies. The volume on these, along with the cushioned ear pieces means that you are able to block out the world without the world having to hear you.


Complete with built in speakerphone capabilities, it means you can easily switch between listening to your favourite tunes and speaking to your friends with ease. There are also built in controls located handily on the right hand ear piece, controlling the volume, tracks and the play/pause button. At first I did keep pressing the wrong buttons however after a couple of days, these became familiar and extremely handy when your phone is located in your pocket. As mentioned above, their li-on battery means they last 11 hours in use and take around 1.5 hours to recharge fully via their included mini USB cable. These headphones work wirelessly up to 10 meters however I tend to find my mobile is never more than 50cm away from me so this feature is plentiful for me.


In terms of use, and as part of my New Year New Me commitment, I recently used these in the gym and was really happy when their padded nature  and fit not only meant they stayed on during my workouts, they also kept sweat at bay and helped make my experience a pleasurable one.


When Jam initially offered to send me some of their Transit Bluetooth Headphones to try out, I admit to being slightly sceptical at first that their extremely competitive price could mean a compromise in great sound quality. Thankfully this was quickly diminished once these arrived as the looks, quality and more importantly the sound, blew this theory out of the water. If your looking for a fantastically priced wireless headphones, look no further than the Jam Transit Bluetooth Headphones.


For more information on all of Jam’s audio products, see their website at . The Jam Transit’s are available direct for around £59.99 as well as other retailers. If you sign up to their newsletter you can also get yourself 10% off too.. 😉


Look out for my mini reviews of further Jam Audio products coming soon….


NB: This review was written by myself and is an honest review of my experience using the product. The Jam Transit Bluetooth Headphones were provided by the Jam to keep in exchange for a review of my experience.